The Press in Ghana

Clement E. Asante

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Hardcover (230 pages)

University Press of America


Editorial Description

This book examines the relationship between the press and the government in Ghana from 1822 to 1992. It provides a critical, historical, and analytical perspective for understanding the origins of, the present status of, and the outlook for the future of the Ghanian press. The author documents decisions and actions taken by the respective regimes regarding the press and press freedom issues -- from the colonial period of the 1820s to the immediate post-independence era of the late 1950s to the revolutionary transformation period of the 1980s and early 1990s. Asante also analyzes the media's role in helping to nationally develop and integrate the developing country Ghana. "The Press in Ghana" is comprehensive in scope, yet organized systematically and straightforwardly. Written simply and clearly, the discussions move chronologically from one regime to another. Succinct summaries at the end of each chapter highlight social, economic, and political policies and programs of each regime. Visuals include maps and black-and-white captioned photographs of Ghana's political leaders. This well-researched and cogently written work will be an indispensable tool in courses on international communication, mass communication and society, and surveys of foreign press systems.