Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools (Ghana Association of Science Teachers)

Kosi Ameyibor
Manfred B. Wiredu

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Paperback (616 pages)

Macmillan Education


Editorial Description

Written for students in the senior secondary classes, this book was designed to provide guidance for school and private students undertaking the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), as well as the GCE examinations. The book corresponds closely to the order in which the teaching syllabus for the senior secondary school biology course has been organized. The book corresponds to the order in which the teaching syllabus for the senior secondary school chemistry course has been organized. This will ensure that all aspects of the syllabus are covered. Each chapter in the book begins with a list of learning objectives which will tell the student what goals are expected to be achieved by careful study. The language level and depth in the text reflect the year group for which the text was written, facilitating easy reading and understanding. The salient ideas and points are either boxed or bulleted, and warnings are also boxed with the relevant safety symbols. The book is activity orientated as an aid for better teaching and learning. The activities have a full list of concise instructions, as well as relevant questions. Each of the chapters ends with multiple-choice and essay-type questions entitled the "self check" section. At the end of the book are revision questions, both objective and essay-type. The questions cover the full range of the aims and objectives of the syllabus. The answers to multiple choice (objective) and numerical problems in the self-check sections are provided at the end of the book. Other titles to cover "Senior Secondary Science Education in Ghana" include "Biology", "Physics" and "Core Science".