The Rugged Terrain to The American Dream

Charles Addo

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Paperback (108 pages)



Editorial Description

Born and raised in the West African nation of Ghana, David, this eccentric young man travels to America in search of the American Dream, only to discover a complex labyrinth of harsh reality in which he had been caught. A thought-provoking novel that examines the friction from moral and legal perspectives, between bending the rules of a host country in response to the strict demands of personal survival instinct, and the unbending realities of the host country's contemporary legal tradition. In a lively recollection, the author articulates David's search for a piece of the American Dream with characteristic zest and humor. Culminating in a defiance of great odds into eventual triumph, David rises from the rubbles of extreme homelessness that almost cost him his life, and illustriously comes out unscathed to complete with high academic honors, a Ph.D. in business administration from an American university. A must read novel that inspires with an unusual insight into the resilience of the human spirit under the severest of adversities, reveals human frailties in the indulgence of prurient appetites, while simultaneously exposing the loopholes in the higher educational loan dispensation system.