Love and Butterflies: A Collection of Memories

Taylor Mclean

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Paperback (80 pages)



Editorial Description

Freshly minted with an undergraduate degree from Cornell University, Taylor joins the Peace Corps hoping to put her skills and knowledge to use for the good of others. She soon learns, however, that this is easier said than done. Through language and cultural barriers, loneliness, and insecurities, she develops a newfound sense of self and a deeper understanding of others. Like a butterfly, Taylor emerges from her own chrysalis, and in doing so, she finds the love of a man to whom she dedicates this book. Originally published as a wedding gift for her husband, Stephen, Taylor's first book is also a profoundly insightful collection of essays documenting her journey of discovery in West Africa, and the people and experiences that changed her life.

Reader Reviews

A young woman emerges from her own chrysalis
A must-read for anyone, but a young person in particular, whose self-doubt saps them of the strength to cope and "make it" in an environment that is strange, if not culturally hostile. You can tell as the book progresses from her leaving home, to arriving in Ghana, through making connections, and ultimately finding love that Taylor McLean was growing stronger without realizing it. She has an uncanny talent for capturing the essence of others in her words: her story about a small boy confused about why his American friend is leaving, "Kwame," is a masterpiece.

Beautiful and Poignant
As someone who lived in Ghana for two years, I felt I was back in a place that over time completely pervades one's being to a point beyond rational comprehension. Ghana is a sensual country full of wonder, beauty, human connection, frustration, and moments, big and small. Love and Butterflies gracefully captures the essence of all this with sincerity, warmth, and introspection that will move you to find love and butterflies in your own life.

Amazing stories about love and self discovery
This collection of short stories all come together to create an amazing journey of self discovery and acceptance of the unknown. Taylor relives her experience beautifully and makes the reader feel as though they are right there with her watching her develop both as an individual and in her relationships with others. As someone familiar with the Peace Corps, I commend her on her honesty with herself and the reader about her reasons for going and shortcomings while there. It is quite obvious she left for Ghana a confused young woman unsure of what she wanted out of life and returned home a confident woman in love. Anyone who is considering the Peace Corps should read this book to experience the ups and downs of life in a developing country.

A truly wonderful read and brilliantly formatted!