Three Cheers For Ghana!

Robert Peprah-Gyamfi

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Hardcover (224 pages)

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Editorial Description

“This very readable book on modern Ghana is not a dry treatise on the economic, social and political conditions of the country, but a journey of discovery in which one meets the people, wonders at the signs of new affluence in the executive houses and expensive German cars driven by sophisticated housewives, travels with the author and his family to their old hometowns, shares the glee of their extended families in seeing them again, gains a personal and moving perspective into the recent past of the indigenous cultures, the poorer farming folk who in some cases still struggle to survive; it is an account of first-hand experience whereby one understands the author’s concern to help advance the prospects, not only of the disadvantaged members of the family, but of the country as a whole.”—Charles Muller, Diadem Books