An Encounter With Life

Kwame Ampofo-Boateng

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Paperback (456 pages)

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Editorial Description

An Encounter with Life presents the story of a young African man who travels abroad to seek an education. He receives his education both in the classroom and in the foreign world around him. Kwaku Adoko-Mayo knew the best chance to overcome his impoverished circumstances growing up in Abesim was to obtain a good education. So he worked hard to educate himself in his native land, and when an opportunity arose for a scholarship to study in Great Britian, he went after it with everything he had. He won a scholarship to a university in Scotland to obtain an advanced degree in psychology. Throughout An Encounter with Life, Ampofo-Boateng portrays a young man’s struggle to make sense of his two worlds and to find a way to better himself in the process.