Master Weaver from Ghana

Gilbert Ahiagble
Louise Meyer

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Hardcover (32 pages)

Open Hand Pub.


Editorial Description

Bobbo is a traditional weaver from Ghana, where his ancestors have been weavers for generations. His young son, Kweku, learns from him, just as Bobbo learned from his father. Through Kweku's eyes, we see family and community life in the small fishing village of Denu. Kweku learns that in life, just as in weaving, "one thread is weak, while threads woven together are strong." Magnificent full color photographs.

Reader Reviews

A book that is really nice to have!
With this book you can understand how much tradition is keept up by the poeple who make these beautiful cloths. Excelent picutes demonstrate in a unique way how the cloth is made from the beginning to the end. A good investment if you like to learn about African clothing and weaving tradition! I just wish it had a few more pages. Don't hesitate longer! It's worth it!

Master Weaver from Ghana
Master Weaver from Ghana is great for the entire family to read together. There are so many wonderful photographs in this book. It is definately one of my family's favorites!!!...

Preservation of African Traditions
This book describes the daily life of a family of weavers of Kente cloth in Ghana. Every page has color photos of African homes, markets, people, and cloth patterns. Ideal for children who enjoy colorful pictures of other countries and for adults wishing to learn more about the art of Kente strip weaving. Includes lists of resources (books and websites)for both kids and adults. I particularly like this book because it shows how indigenous peoples can enter the modern world without sacrificing their cultural traditions.