Into Africa : A Personal Journey

Yvonne Blackwood

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Paperback (193 pages)

Abbeyfield Publishers


Editorial Description

A remarkable and intriguing story about a journey by Yvonne Blackwood, Banker, community activist, to West Africa, the land of her ancestors. It begins in Nigeria with exposure to tight military control that causes Blackwood to experience fear as never before. In Ghana her respect for human beings and sense of adventure along with destiny, lead her to meet Adamson. Determined to see it all, she finds herself in desperte situations, each mysteriouly resolved by strangers. Peppered with nostalgic flashbacks to Blackwood's native Jamaica, Into Africa, resonates with unique poignancy, a love of people and her growing spiritual quest for her African roots among the proud Ashanti people.

Reader Reviews

Dare To Dream...
Yvonne Blackwood has captured the power to dream. Her dream of visiting Africa has been beautifully translated into her book. I became swept away in this sweet and evocative desire to read every last bit of her journey. The sounds, the tastes and images flowed through my mind during my 'escape' into Africa. Every sense of fear, delight and passion was with me as if I was there...Reading this book will give you every reason to pursue your dreams, no matter what they are.....

Into Africia a personal journey
I have just read Yvonne Blackwood's book,"Into Africia A Personal Journey" and what a read! It's a facinating story that every person who has emigrated from their native country, or their parents, should read. Blackwood's writing is colourful, lively and fun. It's as if she and I were sitting in her living room talking. I was with her all the way. It is a story of a women who was determined to visit the land of her ancestors. Although she had several obstacles to overcome she was determined to pursue her dream to the end. It will appeal greatly to poeple who are determined and know what they want, and will inspire those who do not. It will also appeal to anyone who loves adventure. I learned alot about West Africia that I wouldn't find in text books. This is a book you will want to read again.

A Daring Journey
Yvonne has brought out the magic of travel thrills and perils, especially when travelling in Africa, matter-of-factly. The personal travelogue is never boring egging you to finish the book. Yvonne's determination in the face of many odds she faces in Ghana and Nigeria while travelling to towns and cities across the borders is remarkably brought out....An interesting read.

Drawn in
Finding a book that draws you into the author's experience within the first few pages is always a pleasure to read. Into Africa is such a book. Blackwood is able to tell her story and make the reader cheer her on to the best possible outcome. Very well written. A feel good book.

A Book to Remember!
Having spent alot of time in Africa, my mind travelled back to Nigeria as the writer brought the pages alive with her experiences. I drove along the roads with her, saw the scenes that she described in my minds eye. Her fond recollections of her friend in Ghana made me wish that I could have met him, just to tell him how much he was appreciated as a human being. Tears came when at the end of the book she said that he had died. What a pity at such a young age, but unfortunately death comes early to many in Africa. I look forward to reading her next book. Well done!