12 Days in Ghana: Reunions, Revelations & Reflections

James W. Gaines Jr.

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Editorial Description

Mr. Gaines enjoys traveling and had always wanted to visit his mother's homeland, Ghana, West Africa. While growing up, his mother had often told him stories about this amazing land and his wonderful relatives. Mr. Gaines knew that at some point in his lifetime, this was a trip he would have to make. He realized how fortunate he is in that he has knowledge of a direct link to his African ancestry. This is unlike many African Americans whose connection to their African past was broken by the institution of slavery. In the summer of 2000, he was fortunate enough to be able to finally make the journey. He, along with his sister and two other travel companions, spent an amazing twelve days in Ghana filled with excitement and discovery. This book chronicles his experiences along with those of his travel companions. It also describes many of the cultural aspects of Ghana along with interesting stories about his family and how he reaches a new understanding of himself. Mr. Gaines warmly invites you to travel along with him and experience beauty of Ghana as he did. Through this book, he hopes to provoke thought, laughter and introspection.

Reader Reviews

I am not sure that the other reviewers are geniune..
There are 10 reviews of this book here, they do not all seem genuine, just keep that in mind. they are all written in the same style, with many of the same comments.

My trip to the supermarket this morning was more interesting
I was very disapointed with this book. I'm recently teaching many Ghanains and hoped this book would give me a liottle bit of insight on their culture, but it was just a boring travel journal. I would not recommed this book, unless you're a good friend or family member of Mr. Gaines.

Experience Ghana!
It is remarkable to think that this is Mr. Gaines first book! He has hit a homerun the first time at bat! After completing the book I was struck with a desire to experince Ghana for myself!

12 Days in Ghana
12 Days in Ghana is a superb publication! Once I started reading the book, I couldn't put it down. I was amazed that this was Mr. Gaines first publication. 12 Days in Ghana made me laugh and cry - he did an excellent job on incorporating emotions and humor throughout the book. His writing style made me feel that I was with him on his journey to Ghana. This book has inspired me to continue my research on my family history. I highly recommend this book to anyone planning a voyage to their Ghana or anyone who is planning to search their own roots. I am hoping Mr. Gaines will write a sequel to the book!

Review of 12 days in ghana
I noted that this book did not start with the author immediately writing about Ghana, but rather he took me through a journey of the stay with his friend, the ride to the airport, and funny moments that occurred. What I appreciated about this book, is that having never been to ghana, and not having much time for long unabridged novels, I was able to feel as though I was taking the journey, and I was able to do so relatively quickly. I found myself laughing at various moments, somewhat sad at other moments, and somewhat curious about the author's annoyance with the young locals. Some of the language might be a bit much for hard core Christians, but I enjoyed this book nonetheless. I look forward to reading about 12 days in some other country soon!