Silent Struggle

Kosi Tette

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Paperback (182 pages)

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Editorial Description

My worries will be over if only I can get to America! This was all Kwesi Asamane dreamed about while battling frustration and turmoil in West Africa. Beating impossible odds, he arrives in America on a partial college scholarship. But every inch of progress requires exhaustive battles, and idealistic views about America are replaced by cynicism. Mentally spent and alienated, he reaches for the simple life he once knew, but going back to Africa is no picnic. Expectations are unreasonable, and traces of assimilated culture suddenly surface and make him appear foreign to his people. He returns to America tormented by not being who he was until tragedy triggers a catharsis.

Reader Reviews

Excellent Book
I enjoyed reading every bit of "Silent Struggle".
Mr. Tette's book does not only tell the world about the hurdles that Africans living abroad face, but, it also depicts the emotional conflicts that all foreigners face when they make a life outside of their home country. Job well done!

A Silent Struggle Indeed!
Never has the story of the African immigrant been told with such brilliant humor. This book is not only a must read for those who want insights into the experiences that mould and dictate the percepttions of the African Immigrant in the West. It also alerts all immigrants to the pitfalls that may accompany certain decisions. It gives praise to the host country where it is due and subtely alerts all to the the perils of certain dogged cultural positions and myths held by the soujourner. I highly recommend this book for your next 3 hour plane trip, light hearted, witty but very true afterall the writer lived it persoanlly or through close friends in the same perdicament.

I am so touched - The true story for immigrant
Upon reading this book, I was instantly moved. Although I am not an African American like Mr. Tette, I am a Chinese American immigrant.

Mr. Tette's words flew off the page as I was reading his wonderful book. We may have had different specific experiences, but our journey was ultimately the same. This clearly is one book I will never forget.

The best book I ever read
Kosi Tette does an excellent job in portraying the thoughts, thought-processes and the aspirations of the African Immigrant with the undying quest to succeed in America. Anyone in this category cannot help but overwhelmingly agree that Kosi Tette has read their mind. His ability to link events of the past to challenges of the present and to dreams of the future surely make Kosi an outstanding luminary who gives high credence to the image of Africans here in the US. Kosi is surely stepping into the ranks of Anthony Kwame Appiah of Princeton & Harvard fame.

'Silent Struggle' is so well narrated and studded with analytical and philosophical thoughts that I just couldn't put the book down when I picked it up. And when I was done I was still looking for more to devour!

I will like to see a sequel - especially how Kwasi adjusts to the strife the US has had to go through with the economic recession and the terror attacks and what it means to the African Immigrant caught in the middle of all of this which can be hard to comprehend. Once again the trail-blazing skills of Kosi are going to be very well needed for a lot of us for navigating this land of seemingly endless opportunity, if approached the right way.

Excellent job. It easily makes 5-Stars!