Vernelle Edwards

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Editorial Description

"Missionary" follows the adventures of Naomi, a beautiful College of Charleston student who travels to Africa and finds herself in the middle of a military coup. Naomi convinces her strict, southern Baptist parents that she heard God's calling to become a missonary so they would let her travel to Ghana. She neglects to tell them that she's in love with Emmanuel Edrah, a Ghanaian student she has been secretly dating. This poignant tale explores the love of God, family, friends, first love and revolutionary love. The author weaves historical events with fictional characters so well that the reader feels an instant familiarity. Born in Charleston county, South Carolina, the author spent her childhood on her family's farm. After graduating from the College of Charleston, she traveled to the City of Angels, where she studied law and became an attorney. To relax from studying, the author took a hiatus in Accra, Ghana. She sketched notes for this book and completed the manuscript for her musical, "Amandla ka Mandela," which was staged in New York City. Visit www.vernelleedwards.com and vote for your favorite chapter in "Missionary". Enter to win prizes, including autographed copies of "Missionary" and the author's forthcoming book, "Mama sure could COOK!"

Reader Reviews

Missionary has it all!!!
Missionary creates characters that you will always remember. Although I never traveled to Charleston, South Carolina or Accra, Ghana, I felt like I actually visited both cities while reading this excellent book.

I started reading Missionary Saturday afternoon and before I knew it, I had finished reading the whole book. Once you start reading it, you don't want to stop. It was one of the most romantic, exciting love stories/historical fiction/Christian fiction stories I have ever read. Vernelle is a great story teller!