Forest Entomology in West Tropical Africa: Forest Insects of Ghana (Series Entomologica)

Michael R. Wagner
J.R. Cobbinah

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Hardcover (228 pages)



Editorial Description

The forests of West Africa are complex, beautiful and under continued threat of over exploitation. This monograph, in its second edition, remains the only comprehensive source of information on economically important forest insects in West Africa. Many pest insects discussed in this book have the potential to greatly alter the utilization of these valuable tropical forests. Several key pests such as mahogany shoot borer, odum gallfly and pests of endangered tree species likePericopsis, are extensively discussed. This comprehensive treatise of insects includes information on the general forest cover types and insects of utilitarian value. The book will be a great value to foresters, forest entomologists, researchers, conservation biologists and others with a basic biological interest in West African forests.