A Rapid Biodiversity Assessment of the Atewa Range Forest Reserve, Ghana: RAP Bulletin of Biological Assessment #47 (Conservation International Rapid Assessment Program)

Jennifer McCullough
Leeanne E. Alonso

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Paperback (184 pages)

Conservation International


Editorial Description

The Atewa Range Forest Reserve represents one of the largest remaining forest blocks in Ghana and one of the most rewarding areas for scientific study as the nation’s last intact block of Upland Evergreen Forest. The survey results presented in this volume confirm that Atewa is a site of extreme significance for global biodiversity conservation, one which should be protected in its entirety as it harbors a number of rare and threatened species within a unique habitat type. The results of this assessment strongly suggest that Atewa represents a very rare example of a relatively intact West African forest, notably showing that Atewa is an important site for amphibians. Researchers observed a high proportion of threatened amphibian species, some of which maintain the majority of their existing populations in Atewa.