Anansi's Party Time

Eric A. Kimmel

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Hardcover (32 pages)

Holiday House


Editorial Description

The fifth book in the popular Anansi trickster tales series by acclaimed author-and-illustrator team Eric A. Kimmel and Janet Stevens. Anansi is throwing a party. He invites Turtle, but plays so many tricks on him that Turtle can't have any fun. So turtle decides to get even and throws a part of his own. A companion to "Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock", "Anansi Goes Fishing", "Anansi and the Talking Melon," and "Anansi and the Magic Stick".

Reader Reviews

Turtle finds out that Anansi's party was a fake ... will Turtle get his revenge?
Turtle played a trick on Anansi, the spider, a long time ago, but he didn't forget. Some time after that when he was sure the trick was long forgotten, Turtle received an invitation, including a map, to a party at Anansi's house. Everyone loves a party, including Turtle. Invitation in hand he started off to the spider's house, but he was so slow it would take him a long time to get there. At last he arrived and knocked at the door only to find that he'd forgotten something, something he didn't know he was supposed to bring. "Where is your costume?"

Back he went to his house. Of course it took Turtle a long time to get there and a long time to pick out a costume. Off to Anansi's house again where, as he soon found out, he had forgotten something he didn't know he was supposed to bring. "Where's your dish?" Back he went to his house. Naturally it took him a long time to go home and bring back the dish. Turtle was beginning to get discouraged when he was told that "Nobody can eat that plate. Go home and put something on it." By the time he did that and returned Anansi claimed the party was over and he realized he'd been tricked! Not to be undone, Turtle had a plan!

This is a delightful story that young children will enjoy. They will soon figure out that sly Anansi has been up to no good and will root for poor Turtle to come up with a plan that even that tricky old spider can't figure out. The art work is fun and cheerful and will make this one a surefire page turner. "Dear Anansi, I'm having a party . . . " Do you think Turtle can trick the trickiest spider in town?