Authentic African Cuisine from Ghana

David Otoo
Tamminay Otoo

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Paperback (107 pages)



Reader Reviews

Thank God Someone Thought to Write This Book!
I am married to a man who happens to be from ghana. We live here in the U.S. It is very hard to cook at times because i usually end up cooking the same things over and over again. Although I can cook some dishes from Ghana, there was so much more that I knew of, but never knew the recipe for. I wanted to be able to cook more than just a couple of dishes from Ghana, so I searched for a book like this. I could have asked family memebers, but there is a great language barrier, which made that attempt useless. Now that I have this book, it has helped me to make my husband feel like he's "back home" in his mom's kitchen. Had I done it on my own, it would have took me years to get these authentic recipes, but thanks to Mr. Oto and his wife, I could probably teach my husband a thing or two!

Mrs. Fenuku

This book is absolutely brilliant for Ghanaians who have never lived in Ghana or who no longer live at home and want all mum's recipes and more in one easy to follow guide!!

childhood memories
After a whole decade without the tastes from my childhood I just had to try this gem.
And there they were, the smells and tastes from my grandma's oven. Some of my favourites were missing, but then Ghana has so many different local dishes and I found so much more in this book that it was easily forgiven. I'm no cook and yet even I was able to recreate the most authentic delicious meals with the recipes from this book. Try it, you won't be disappointed.