Casting All My Care: A christian love story

Esther Boateng

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Paperback (108 pages)



Editorial Description

Laneeta Brown is a young black nurse in London whose favorite hobby is Photography. When she is presented with the opportunity to go for a vacation on the Emerald, she is delighted beyond her wildest dreams. The Emerald is a ship which caters mainly to Nature Photographers and she will be able to take pictures of rare flora she would never ever see on the main land! What Laneeta is not in the least bit prepared for, is meeting the icy cold captain of the vessel.... Captain Marcus Rivers has no intention of allowing any woman to break through the self erected barriers he has encompassed himself with since the painful betrayal in his past. His unwillingness to forgive is steadily poisoning his relationship with God and souring his attitude toward others. The words of LaneetaÂ’s favorite verse in 1 Peter 5:7 have never rang more true to her heart, as she must learn to lean unto her heavenly Father and trust Him to take care of her life... and her heart!