Can I Be Me?

Esther Armah

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Paperback (98 pages)

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Editorial Description

Esther Armah is a black British journalist, with a troubled soul and a questioning mind. She’s an addict. Addicted to the need for approval, the desire for applause, bright lights and struggle. She’s also on a quest. Hungry for a place of belonging, a place of comfort and acceptance of her identity; black, British, Ghanaian and Afrocentric. That need becomes intertwined with her chosen profession – the media. Can she find a place of refuge in her travels and her profession? Esther decides to fight her fix and come clean. Getting clean means spilling the beans. So starting with her family all the way into the sometimes murky world of the British media, Esther spills with abandon. Brutally honest, blackly humorous, emotionally revealing and at times painful; CAN I BE ME? is a universal story. Who would you be without your daily addictions? How did you get addicted to your drug of choice? Who would you be if there were no applause, disappointment, injustice, discrimination or rejection?

Reader Reviews

Wonderful and aspiring
This book is a must have for everyone aspiring to be themselves especially in a world where many of us African American women have to act and look like someone other than ourselves which leaves many of us confused which creates self hatred. This book is a tribute to all women who want to understand the need to "just be themselves".