The Jester's Dilemma & Man of God

Kweku Andoh-Menson

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Editorial Description

The Jester's Dilemma is a farcical play about grandiloquence, trickery, and deceit. Set in Cape Coast, Ghana, the play depicts Peter, a houseboy, who lies about his culinary skill. When Ben, the house owner, returns home, his lunch is prepared. As he is doing justice to the meal, his cook Sammy pops in, apologizing for his failure to cook due to some mishap in the family. Ben is mystified. When Peter reveals that he prepared the meal, he is ridiculed. Ben lays a trap to ensnare his boastful and deceitful houseboy. He throws a birthday party, urging Peter to cook the same delicious meal he claimed to have prepared for some invited guests. But the food Peter prepares makes him a laughing stock. The Jester's Dilemma was first produced at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in March, 1984.Man of God depicts a conflict between man and forces of nature. Set in Moree, a village in Ghana, the play hinges on Sam, a lay Preacher whose child is dying from an unknown disease. Bonso, a witch doctor, divines that the child is bewitched, and demands sacrifices to appease the evil spirits who are responsible. But Sam dismisses this as pure superstition, and puts Bonso out. The child's illness worsens and death seems imminent. Sam debates with himself whether to give in to Bonso's demands, or cling to his faith in God. Man of God was first produced at The American Theater of Actors, New York, in November 1986. It was later produced at Samuel Beckett Theater, New York, in November 1998.