Tales of an Ashanti Father

Peggy Appiah

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Paperback (156 pages)

Beacon Press


Editorial Description

A collection of folktales from Ghana, centering around the figure of Kwaku Ananse, the spider man.

Reader Reviews

Engaging Storytelling Style for West African Tales
I used many of the stories in this book as resources for interdisciplinary projects between my 7th grade English class and the world history class. For one project, groups of students picked one story, wrote a short play dramatizing it, and then performed it in traditional African garb. Some made props as well, but they were also encouraged to pantomime the actions, which required some knowledge of the everyday West African way of life. Because the book weaves Asanti language into the dialog, it also was an opportunity for students to acquaint themselves with the language. The costuming was very easy, as it was mostly long pieces of fabric draped and tied in tradition African fashion--another opportunity to explore the fabrics and crafts indigenous to West Africa. We even added some African drums and music . . . a big hit with the boys. I sometimes had the students write, illustrate, and bind their own African tale after reading several examples from the book and studying the themes. This, too, was a project the students enjoyed and learned a lot from. The authorship of this book and rich illustrations provide an authentic and accessible starting point for creative projects that allow students to extend their language skills and apply their knowledge of history.