Travails of Africa: The Sojourn

Kwesi Yonnie Owusu

$ 14.95 (new)

Hardcover (307 pages)

Wilyonn Books


Editorial Description

A historical novel describing the emotional and psychological impact of slavery; and Mother Africa talks with her children. I have one other matter to put before you the Soul of Africa started to speak and this concerns all your brothers and sisters, my children. In itself, it does not matter that some like young Kwadjo have been brought to a new land. What has caused us of this plane great concern is the brutal, degrading, humiliating and dehumanizing manner in which some of my children have been treated. This has caused us a great deal of anxiety and sorrow......... Some among your chiefs and leaders, as a result of their hunger for power and wealth, have been gravely disappointing in the part they have played in the harm and pain that have been caused some of my children. These individuals do not appreciate the fact that the real wealth they can have is in how much their people loved and respected them, and not in how much they were feared. Mother Africa paused again and the seriousness with which the Old Lady attended to her words assured her the Old Lady was fully with her in her commiseration....... And you of the old land will remember the brothers and sisters and children taken away from you in your stories and the emotions of love for them will forever be alive deep in your hearts, just as memories of the home they were taken from will forever live in their hearts......... The symbol superimposed on the map of Africa on the cover is Akan in origin. Akan is one of the many tribes on the west coast of Africa. Literally translated, the symbol means Love does not lose its way home. To express this in another form Home is where your heart is. When Mother Africa calls however, all her children and all others whose hearts are open, hear her call and are moved to act because the language of the heart knows no boundaries. This is a mystery the Creator God has ordained.

Reader Reviews

Finally, a book with meat in it!
I have long awaited for a book such as this one, and hope
everyone gains as much insight as the author intended.