Nana Agyeman

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Editorial Description

Streets judging one war, love for both colors growing up on the streets in Ghana, after 10 years in United States everyone knows what I'm facing, the Federal Government wants to put me away on lies, nothing would stop me from telling the truth after being controlled by a Chip for many years, pushing me to make mistakes the law wants me to trust them too late, time to face reality few hours in Brotman Medical Centre has change my life, witnessing my body going through changes team of doctors performing surgery on your body hiding tiny lenses in your eyes leading to the internet. planting few chips in your body reading your minds they say the law is behind this surgery streets are talking about the Federal Government investigating Nana making threats in my ears hiding my accounts from me crown me the richest man alive Nana Yaw Agyeman taking over the world.COPY WRITTEN BY NANA Y AGYEMANINCO OPERATED UNDER NANA PRODUCTIONS