The Wisdom of the Ages: Themes & Essences of Truth, Love, Struggle, and High-Culture in the Works of Ayi Kwei Armah and Kiarri T-H. Cheatwood

Yaa Oforiwaa
Akili Addae

$ 12.75 (new)
$ 24.78 (used)

Paperback (70 pages)

Native Sun Publishers, Inc.


Reader Reviews

If you are looking for scholarly criticism on the works of Armah or Cheatwood, look elsewhere. I can succinctly describe the contents of this book thusly: if I had written any of the three chapters in this slim volume as a book report for a sophomore lit class, I would have fervently hoped for a B, but I would have accepted a C+ without complaint.

If you've read any of the works under discussion, you'll already know far more about it than you could learn from this book; all you'll get here is a lot of summary along with some simplistic analysis. As for the packaging, it's strictly cheap-o cheap-o productions. I truly can't see a reason for this book, other than as an attempt to capitalize on a couple of famous names. The book is overpriced by precisely the amount you'll pay for it, and the hour or so it takes to read it would be far better spent reading Armah and Cheatwood themselves.