Kupenda: Love Poems

Kwame Alexander

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Paperback (60 pages)

BlackWords Press


Editorial Description

Alexander's first collection of verse since 1995 embraces and examines the peaks and lows of friendship, intimate love, family love, marriage, self-love and community spirit. A former student of Nikki Giovanni, he writes with a clever wit and loving eye. This collection of love poems wil surely be enjoyed whether you are at home curling up on the couch, or in a club grooving. There is something for us all to think about. To Laugh about. To be happy about. Kupenda Lips like yours ought to be worshipped See, i aint never been too religious but you can baptize me anytime

Reader Reviews

This brother is baaad!
I read this book in one hour, while i was in the tub, and all i can say is Damn! You go brother. It's refreshing to see a man in touch with his feelings like Mr. Alexander. I also like the fact that the poems are not so abstract that you can't get the meaning. There's something in this book for everyone. Kudos!

Kupenda is a "must add" to your book collection!
This poetry book was a real page turner. I enjoyed the poetic thoughts of a black man glowing from the kiss of love. Kupenda's ingredients had a touch of romance, wit, urban, hip flavor that I feel all poetry/spokenword lovers will enjoy.

Over Rated
I think Kupenda is poorly written. It is not the product that I expected from someone whose mentor is Giovanni. The verbage was more of a school grade level. The author attempted to bring forth meaning of families, love, tradition, however; it did not hold my interest. Poems had some potential if author knew how to bring forth the true meaning.

Again and again and again!
The measure of a good book, whether it be poetry or or a "how to" , is not only the reader's enjoyment or entertainment, but how long the work stays with them. I first heard the works of Alexander's Kupenda as they tumbled out of his mouth at a reading and book signing. I purchased a copy thinking I would support a fellow poet and that a friend might gleen some comfort from "The Remembering." What surprised me was that as I reread the poems, they gained more meaning for me and soon, I was quoting Alexander's work which is so relevant to the highs and lows of everyday life. I never did lend my copy to a friend, instead I bought her one as a gift and I've given this moving collection of inspirational and touching poems as a gift again and again and again! Kudos to Alexander!