Ama Ata Aidoo's "Anowa": A Study Guide from Gale's "Literature of Developing Nations for Students" (Volume 01, Chapter 4)


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Term paper due tomorrow? Need to cram for a test? Or just looking for the best information about a favorite literary work?Turn to "Literature of Developing Nations for Students" to get your research done in record time. Brought to you by Thomson Gale--the world's leading source of literary criticism and analysis--this e-doc contains: author biography; plot summary; character analysis; a discussion of the work's themes, style, literary heritage, and historical context; a compendium of in-depth critical material; study questions; suggestions for further reading and much more.Why choose "Literature of Developing Nations for Students"? Because no other source offers so much in such a compact package. Trust the experts: Thomson Gale--and "Literature of Developing Nations for Students."