Diasporian News Mon, 26 Nov 2007

Apraku: Bridge Over Diaporan Ghanaians

Aspiring NPP presidential capo Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku has paid glowing tribute to Ghanaians in the Diaspora, for their annual $5 billion remittances which help inject some life into he national economy at a time leading cash crop Cocoa, fetches just $1.2 billion.

Dr. Apraku one-time Trade and Industry as well as NEPAD and Regional Co-operation Minister was speaking to THE SUN just days after he jetted into town from a two-week fraternal tour to England and the United States.

THE SUN gathered that the economics and financial big-wig’s first port of call was the homely GOLDEN STOOL base in London where he addressed a gathered assembly of Ghanaians of chiefly NPP stock on his vision with regards to economics, trade, housing, agriculture, IT, the youth, women and other pressing areas of national concerns or Apraku also gathered a milling NPP crown in Alexandria-Washington, and New York.

In the end, he gave such a wonderful rendition of how he was practically going to walk the talk in such a convincing and infections manner that, rounds of applause were said to have rang consistently.

Dr. Apraku then addressed some individual concerns of the congregants, who have to scale several bureaucratic bottlenecks in order to establish businesses in their ways when beating a retreat by re-locating to contribute to the growth of education and learning.


The presidential aspirant sunk it into the flesh, bone and marrow of he gathered assembly of his preparedness to smoothen undulating hindrances that were drawbacks to the realization of the diasporan goals.

He then appealed to the very many Ghanaian Information Technology experts with high profile academic qualifications to endeavour to return under his presidency because they would be offered a special pride of place in the areas of accessing mortgage loans to build their own houses, review high tariffs which are clearly a dis-incentive, and help with tax exemption for their personal belongings.

THE SUN gathered that Dr. Apraku outlined an ambitions plan of action on his vision as he sought to set the proper perspective for a congenial atmosphere to prioritize on areas that need immediate attention.

Background checks have established the fact that have abandoned a rewarding United Nations economics job and having walked the talk of beating a retreat himself years ago in 1992 to throw his weight behind the NPP and the late Professor Albert Adu Boahene, the aspirant is in the best position to help the diasporan academicians beat a retreat home to be attached to Universities, Polytechnics and other educational institutions.

He praised the Indian and Chinese examples of how they made it a conscious effort to import technology from the United States, to heop build a tremendous IT capacity which is today one of the wonders of the world and vowed to import that mentality to Ghana on a varied and wide seale.

Dr. Apraku swore to attract, encourage and reward the diasporan intelligentsia who would endeavour to beat that monumental retreat to set up base in Ghana under his presidency and literally begged them to consider his plea to them since they were to key to the business of accelerating economic progress.

Pieces of background information put together by THE SUN say many saw in the former Minister a role model and in particularly Washington and New York the assembled congregant’s acknowledged that he was about the only candidate who has come over to outline his personal vision in such a convincing and fruitful manner.

THE SUN fund out that for all his troubles, Dr. Apraku may get just the single vote allotted to the diasporans, but then it is their overwhelming influence on Kinsmen and friends who form the delegates down here in Ghana that maters.

Certainly with an annual economic input of $5 billion remittances which is more than 300 per cent over and above the highest-earning cash crop (Cocoa) at $1.2 billion) the weight of the diasporan influence should come in handy for the dutiful Dr. Apraku whose high-profile cee vee as MP, U.N. economics Mr. Fix-It, and author of two books should propel him to the NPP top seat en route to the Osu Castle.

Source: THE SUN