Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng Invades Mount Zion In Jerusalem

Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng Invades Mount Zion In Jerusalem By Rapturous Worship Sessions

The 'Upper Room' on Mount Zion in Jerusalem was brought to a standstill for over an hour when Bishop Dr. Kofi Adonteng Boateng and his Divine Word International Ministries (DWIM) church gathered for a praise and worship session there on Friday, October 7, 2016.

The session began when the Bishop reached the destination which was a stop on his church's 2016 Holy Land Tour [http://www.theafricandream.net/bishop-adonteng-boateng-holy-land-tour/]. When the tour group arrived at the Upper Room the Bishop gathered his followers and together they burst into a loud praise and worship session.

Mount Zion crowd buildup

Crowds of tourists, pilgrims, and curious onlookers that day could not help but stop in their tracks to wonder. Some joined the Bishop and his congregation as the gathering enlarged to approximately 165 people. More than 100 of the persons in the crowd were members of the DWIM.

Bishop Adonteng later on in an interview said he felt moved by the Holy Spirit to acknowledge the presence of Jesus Christ and the power of God at The Upper Room on the hill of Mount Zion.

"Jesus Christ and his disciples were right here over 2000 years ago. For me to walk on the land He walked, and see, touch, and feel things of the time of Jesus is an extreme blessing not only for me, but all those God enabled me to bring here on this Holy Land Tour" — Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng.

Why the Mount Zion

According to Biblical history, the importance of the 'Upper Room' to many Christians is that it was not just the site of the Last Supper of Christ alone, but also where the first Christian church gathering began. "So what better place to have church and worship the Messiah than here", The Bishop said.

It was an amazing sight to see security and police gather as the crowd begun to get bigger. The authorities said to TheAfricanDream.net that they were there to ensure that all those gathered were given safety and protection.

"We are not here to impede the progress of this worship, we are actually amazed by the speed with which the crowd grew. We have not seen such a spontaneous religious gathering here in a while" said a member of the security force present that TheAfricanDream.net spoke to.

TheAfricanDream.net invited by DWIM to cover the 2016 Holy Land Tour was on hand to witness another thunderous worship session on Monday, October 10, 2016. This time, it was at the 'Garden Tomb' in Jerusalem where some Christians believe was the burial place of Jesus Christ till He resurrected on the third day of his crucifixion.

A Historic Holy Land Tour by all accounts

The Bishop and over 100 followers were not The only ones present at the venue that day. They, however, left an indelible mark on many there owing to their vibrant and energetic style of worship. Others present felt enticed to join in and worship with them.

'The Garden Tomb' is carved out of a rock and owned by Joseph of Arimathea of Biblical times. Joseph agreed to the burial of Jesus in his tomb after the crucifixion.

Rev. Daniel Jones Boakye; Founder of the Amazing Grace Teaching Ministry (AGTM) in Tel Aviv, and his Assistant Pastor Henry Asamoah, have one of largest African Churches in the area. They were both present at the service.

The leadership of AGTM told this writer that the number of people that Bishop Adonteng Boateng visited their church and 'The Garden Tomb' with during the Holy Land Tour of October exceeds any African Christian gathering they have ever witnessed in the last two decades of their Church's history.

Man in wheelchair healed

"Am sad this is our final day on this Holy Land Tour..." the Bishop said while addressing the gathering at 'The Garden Tomb'. "But it brings joy to my heart that I was used as an instrument of God to bring you all here to witness this wonder of Christ."

Communion was also blessed and personally passed around by the Bishop at 'The Garden Tomb' where he especially thanked his church's congregation including those that couldn't make the trip.

In a related development after the service at 'The Garden Tomb'; a man in a wheelchair whose family was pushing him at the gate of the tomb during the Bishop's service approached the Bishop and asked for a blessing.

The Bishop willingly prayed for the crippled man who received his healing immediately. The man started walking in praise of Jesus in the presence of his family and all in sight.

Bishop appreciates all and looks to future

He appreciated all the Pastors from DWIM that joined him in the persons of Lillian Osei Owusu of New York, Yvonne Willis of Connecticut, Stella Boakye of Ohio and Belinda Brown of Atlanta Georgia, all of the United States (US) respectively.

Other DWIM Pastors on the trip with the Bishop also from the US were Emmanuel Ansah, Esther Boateng, Derrick Otu-Acheampong, and Veronica Ampomah, all of Virginia.

DWIM is already excited about the possibility of a second Holy Land Tour of a much larger congregation come November 2017. Before he left 'The Garden Tomb' the Bishop thanked all who had in diverse ways helped ensure the Holy Land Tour was successful.

He specifically expressed gratitude to the Embassy of Israel in Washington DC, the President of Education Travel Services, Inc; Joseph Cavarra, and the management of Hotel Ararat for being gracious hosts by providing affordable accommodation.

Historically religious stops on the DWIM 2016 Holy Land Tour include the ancient ruins of the palace of King Herod the Great, Church Of The Nativity and Golgotha.

The rest were the Sea of Galilee where the Bishop preached a sermon on a boat akin to what Jesus Christ did, the Dead Sea, and the River Jordan where the Bishop performed a record mass baptism of over 100 people.

To find out more about the first DWIM Holy Land Tour that happened from October 5-10, 2016, visit the Divine Prayer Line Facebook page at www.facebook.com/divineprayerline

Source: TheAfricanDream.net / DWIM Communication Team

Source: theafricandream.net / dwim communication team