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Election verdict: Ghana’s interest First -ZDFRN


Election verdict: Ghana’s interest First

The date for the pronouncement of the final verdict of the Supreme Court judges for the 2012 election petition is set for 29th of this month, August 2013 Zongo Development Foundation and Research Network (ZDFRN) based in the United Kingdom, wishes to commend the nine judges for their excellent work and the maturity they have shown throughout the court proceedings. They have excelled themselves to be among the best legal brains in the world. We also wish to commend the President John Dramani Mahama and the leader of the opposition Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo for their civility.

We wish to remind ourselves as Ghanaians that the burden of peace in Ghana does not solely rest on the shoulders of the nine judges alone but also on the shoulders of every Ghanaian. Therefore, for the sake and interest of peace, tranquillity and unity of our mother country, it is paramount that all well-meaning Ghanaians uphold and respect the judgement of the Supreme Court judges irrespective of whichever way the pendulum of justice swings.

It is obvious the whole world is watching us, and this is the time to prove ourselves by exercising restrain and respect for the rule of law and to demonstrate that Ghana the shining star of Africa, is worthy of emulation. We at the Zongo Development Foundation and Research Network UK, wants to add our voice to all the civil societies, Churches, Mosques and all the various groups in Ghana to call for peace and harmony during and after the verdict. We advise that no groups or individuals should take the law into their hands to disturb the peace we are enjoying today.

We are appealing to all Zongo communities across the country particularly, the youths not to instigate or allow themselves to be used by unscrupulous leaders, institutions, groups or politicians to cause mayhem that may bring Zongo communities into disrepute.

We also urge all Zongo chiefs, Elders, Opinion leaders, Community leaders, groups and parents to educate their communities across the country on the forth coming Supreme Court verdict especially on the importance and the need for peace, calmness and safety. We must put Ghana’s interest first.

Alhaji Ahmed Tijjani Usman Dogo.

Director and Research Coordinator for: Zongo Development Foundation and Research Network. UK (ZDFRN)