Diasporian News Wed, 4 Jul 2007

GIFA @ the World BBQ-Festival

On Saturday, 5th May 2007, the Ghana Ireland Friendship Association (GIFA) participated in the Irish River Feast World Barbeque cook-off in Limerick.

The highlight of the Festival revelled in the art, culture, music and culinary skills of 75 contesting countries from all over the world. This year’s line-up saw the return of the established favourites along with some new additions such as Ghana. It was a process of establishing the diversity of the different cultures living in the Republic of Ireland.

The Festival which was organised by the Irish BBQ Association was jointly sponsored by the Limerick Language Centre, Doras Luimni, Paul Partnership and the Limerick River Feast Council.

The following dishes were prepared and presented to the jury (which included such dignitaries as the Mayor of Limerick, Counsellor Joe Leddin and Hon. Jan O’Sullivan, TD Labour spokesperson on Education and Science):

1. Chicken dish 2. Salmon dish and 3. Vegetable dish


The GIFA-team was led by Mrs Theodora Cleland and Mrs Emmanuella Amponsah. Apart from the above-mentioned dishes which were prepared in Ghanaian style, the numerous visitors at the Ghana stand were also treated to the typical Ghanaian spiced beef Khebab (popularly known in Ghana as “kyikyinga”) with highlife music in the background.

Traditional Ghanaian drumming and dancing blended with the colourful Ghanaian clothes and attires were enough to depict the great culture of this West African State. The occasion manifested some of the key aims and objectives of the GIFA i.e. to preserve and promote the Ghanaian culture and traditions in the Republic of Ireland and to integrate Ghanaians into the Irish society.

Talking to the media at the festival the President of the GIFA, Mr Mark Moses Mantey, said what made the occasion so special for him was “the fact that we from the GIFA are here today to make a difference” and also the feeling of mutual understanding, cooperation and acceptance radiating from the general public and amongst the contestants.

Mr Mantey went on further to outline some of the future plans of the GIFA which is to expose the beauty of the Ghanaian culture and traditions by putting up information and exhibition shows about Ghana at various schools/ colleges across the Republic of Ireland.

To contact the GIFA send your E-mail(s) to: ghana_eire@yahoo.ie Keep posted for GIFA’s website: www.ghaire.com which is to be hosted very soon.

Source: Frederick Amponsah(General Secretary, GIFA)