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Ghana should produce Africa's Einsteins -Kwame Mayor

Ghana should produce Africa's Einsteins, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbergs, Neil Armstrongs, etc, etc -- Kwame Mayor

Reflecting on his famouse Gh anaweb's News Archive: "Ghana must put man on the moon", published on September 1, (2007)--- former Ghanaian-American Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate, "Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Appiah Boateng, populary known by Ghanaians around the World as "Kwame Mayor", (an Intellectual Giant in his own right, who was allowed by United States, the Leader of the Free World to 'Test the Waters of United States' 2016 Presidential Election', on Republican ticket, when he emerged as the "Black Ted Cruz"), says Ghana, and other African Countries have a responsibility to send Man to the Moon, advance to Economic Super-Power, and produce Nuclear Bombs for former U.S. President Ronald Reagan's Philosophy of "Peace, through Strength" ---> (in order to achieve Political, Economic, and Military Equilibrium, with 'our White, and Asian Brothers, and Sisters').

"It is time for Ghana, the 'Black Star of Africa', to produce Africa's Einsteins, Platos, Aristotles, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbergs, Neil Armstrongs, etc, etc", said Kwame Mayor, who has publicly appealed to the Government of Ghana, and other African Countries, to make Science, Math, Technology ---> (backed by Liberal Arts Education, which is the true Education for Human-beings to live truly as Enlightened Human-beings) -- compulsory, from Pre-School, Kindergarten -- all the way through University Level.

"The Brains of all Ghanaian, and other African Children, should be fed with Nutritious Food, if we want to produce Africa's Einsteins, and that was the main reason I first came with the idea of Nutritious Food, when I formed Non-Profit "Sister Schools" Projects, in 2002 /2003, and repeated Nutritious Food for all African Children, in my Non-Profit organization , registered in United States --->"Feed the Children" -- (IRS Identification number: 770688569, intended to feed Children in Ghana, and other parts of Africa, and my other registered Non-Profit organization in USA -- (Adopt a Child-Feed the Hungry), in (2005)---> with the main goal, or objective of feeding Children throughout Ghana, especially, Ghana, with Nutritious food, in order to nourish their Brains), as mentioned in some of my Publications in News Bulletins to Ghana's News Media, such as Ghanaweb Com ---> (Thereafter, Kufuor's government announced School Feeding program, in 2005) --- and Kufuor's government, did not know that my emphasis in publicly calling for feeding Africa's Children, especially, Ghana's Children, was based on Nutritious Food !!!.

"U.S. Kennedy Space Center should help Ghana to build a 'Space Training Center', to train Ghanaian, and other African Astronauts", said Kwame Mayor -- one of the World's Most Sophisticated Intellectuals of the Century, and Africa's Intellectual Giant of the the New Millennium" -- whose News Bulletin, captioned: "Neil Armstrong, First Man to land on the Moon, should be buried in the Moon", which he sent copies to the White House, and NASA, caught the attention of United States' Space Center.

IN ANOTHER DEVELOPMENT ---> Kwame Mayor, has publicly reminded Office of the President's (Diaspora Affairs), that he has Electronically submitted his 'Resume of the Century', a number of times, to that Office, created by His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo

It should be noted that in 2004, Kwame Mayor submitted Private Bull to Ghana's Parliamentary Clerk, (which was stamped by the Office of Ghana's Parliamentary Clerk -- that first called for Parliamentary Seat for Ghanaians living abroad, and the same "Kwame Mayor" is the Great Politician, whose published News Bulletins in Ghana's News Media, especially, Ghanaweb.Com, first called for Minister of Diaspora Affairs !!! ---> Yet, thereafter, NPP government, which he ("Kwame Mayor") helped them to win Power with his Strategic Idea of Election (Screens), Election Cameras, and Election Video-Cameras in all Polling Stations across the Country to showcase Election results to the General Public, (in order to prevent rigging of Elections) --- coupled with his (Kwame Mayor's) Electronic Mail contacts to White House, and United Nations, under former U.N. General Secretary, Bi-Moon, who asked Mahama, Nana Akufo-Addo, and other Presidential Candidates to sign the historic Peace Accord, (which scarred the 'hell' of Mahama from illegally clinging on to Power) ---- announced that it had created Office of Diaspora Affairs, and given the position to a Ghanaian in United Kingdom

The Minister of Information, Hon Hamid, said the ruling government does not discriminate against Ghanaians abroad, regardless of their Political affiliation.

Kwame Mayor, the Architect of published News Bulletins that called for Ministry of Diaspora Affairs is a former CPP Parliamentary Candidate for Nhyiaeso Constituency, in 2004, and 2008

*** (Below is Kwame Mayor's Resume of the Century)


Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Appiah Boateng ("Kwame Mayor"), again, reminded the Nation that he is the Intellectual Architect of some powerful ideas implemented by former President John Agyekum Kufuor's Government in Ghana (for example) : "My Platform that called for the importation of South Africa's Model of Truth and Reconciliation Commission to Ghana"; my public call and published news that appealed for erection of Statutes for the Martyred Judges of Ghana, my public call and published news that appealed for Voting Rights for Ghanaians living abroad; my public call, published news, and submission of "Private Bill" to the office of Ghana's Parliamentary Clerk, that called for Parliamentary seat for Ghanaians Abroad.

My public call and published news, in for example, Ghana's Daily Graphic, that appealed for Cash Transfer to the poor to ensure Equity, my public call and published news to revive Ghana's first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's original idea of a Continental African Union Government, my published News Bulletin, and 2005 registered letter to former Ghana's President, John Agyekum Kufuor, ***(Receipt number 00096), and to other African Heads of State, that called for a "Shadow Government" for a future Continental African Government to be called "United African States" - UAS); my public call and published news that appealed to Ghana to build "State of the Art" President ial Palace in Ghana to attract Tourism like the White House"; my public call; published news, and interview with Ghana News Agency (GNA) that called for a Pre-Emptive Genocide Bill in Ghana which I sent a copy to the Office of the United Nations, (Attention), Mr. Kofi Anan, the former United Nations' General-Secretary, via Electronic Mail, long before the United Nations set up a Commission of Eminent Persons tasked on Pre-Emptive Genocide studies); my 2002 / 2003 public call, and published news that advocated for "

" The Intellectual Politician, Kwame Mayor --- the real Architect of the Strategic Idea for Ghana's Electoral Commission (E.C.) to install Election (Screens), Election Cameras, and Election Video-Cameras in all Constituencies across the Country to Show-Case Election results to the General Public --> (in order to prevent rigging of elections), which was the Cornestone of Nana Akuffo-Addo's Victory at (long last !!!), as a genuine Democratically-elected President -- has publicly offered to serve in-coming: His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo's Inclusive Government, with, (or) without pay !!! --- as Kumasi Mayor, Roving Ambassador, (like his late Uncle Great Politician, Mr Joe Appiah of "Abaa-base" days who married Mrs Peggy Appiah from the British Royal Family), or to serve as Ghana's Ambassador to United States ---> (the leader of the Free World !!!), Peace Envoy, Presidential Adviser, or Consultant.

The "People's Politician" said Vice President Bawumia, who is a Moslem, can testify under Holy Koran, or under Oath !!!, that he Electronically received a copy of his published, and Historic Strategic Idea, or Policy Recommendation to (E.C.) --> with copies sent to White House, U.N., Ghanaweb, etc, etc, to use (Screens), Cameras, and Election Video-Cameras to Show-Case Election results to the General Public --> (in order to prevent rigging of Elections) --- [as far back on August 31, 2014, and September 1, 2014, respectively]

The Election (Screens) used to show-case Election results in all Constituencies in Ghana to the General Public, for the first time in Ghana's Election history, (definately) paved way for Nana Akuffo-Addo's historic rise to become President at (long last !!!) -- since the results captured on the Screens for Public view, and testimonies (prevented) E.C, and the then ruling goverment to rig the election.

---> Below is Kwame Mayor's Public "Resume of the Century" to serve Ghana.



Cc: New Patri otic Party (NPP)

Kwame Appiah Boateng

("Kwame Mayor")

---> Telephone (+562) 489-4010 USA

---> (Private Email): KwameMayor@Yahoo.Com

---> Skype : Kwame.Mayor

---> Mailing Address: 65 Pine Avenue, # 716, Long Beach, CA 90802, USA

*** (NOTATION-- Archives of contributions to NPP)--->

*** Old NPP Identification number: USA-CA-0023; & Old NPP ID number in Ghana: NAR/SB 51455

*** June 16, 2008 Donation to NPP-USA Friends of Nana Akuffo-Addo --> (for Akuffo-Addo Campaign): Check number: 211, donated in USA ---> (Receipt available upon request)

*** NPP Letter of Appreciation to Kwame. A. Boateng, ("Kwame Mayor"), from New Patriotic Party, Council of Chairpersons, dated 12/22/00, stamped upon receipt by Virginia, USA Post Office on 04, January 2001, and signed by Kwame Bawuah-Edusei, MD -- Chairman, and Mohammed Idris, Vice Chairman


My significant contributions in United States to His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo's Democratic Rise to President of Ghana

---> (It should be carefully, and reasonably noted that without my (published) Strategic Idea --- the 2014 Policy Recommendation to

Electoral Commission (E.C) to use (Screens), Cameras, and Election Video-Cameras to Show-Case Election results to the General Public, (in order to prevent) rigging of Elections), which was Electronically sent to Ghana's Electoral Commission (with copies to News Media, and Ghana's Political Parties such as NPP, CPP, NDC Emails, and Dr Bawumia's Email) -- former ruling NDC government, (an offshoot of AFRC/PNDC Military regimes) would have continued to rig Ghana's Elections, and Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo would have been again, denied his legitimate victory to become President of Ghana

---> [NOTE]: Architect of published Recommendation to Ghana's Electoral Commission (E.C.), with copies sent to White House, United Nations (U.N.), News-Media such as GNA, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Ghanaweb, NPP, CPP, NDC Email Addresses, and Dr Bawumia's Email Address, etc, etc -- to use (Screens), Cameras, and Video-Cameras to Show-Case Election results to the general Public ---> (in order to prevent rigging of Elections)]

* [EVIDENCE]--->

(1):---> Kwame Mayor's (published), and historic Strategic Idea he Electronically sent to Ghana's Electoral Commission, (E.C.), White House, U.N., GNA, Ghanaweb, NPP, CPP, NDC Emails, and Dr Bawumia's Private Email, [as far back on August 31, 2014, dated for Newspaper publication September 1, 2014 ---> (Vice President Dr Bawumia, who received a copy of the Electronic Mail is a Witness, and can testify under Holy Koran, or under Oath)

---> My (published) Ghanaweb's Campaign Platform captioned : ---> " I will retrieve Ghana's stolen Money from Corrupt Government Officials", was later used by IMANI in its Political Survey, whi ch has finally been concluded that many Ghanaians voted on the issue of "Retrieving Ghana's stolen monies"

---> Former CPP Parli amentary Candidate for Nhyiase Constituency, Kumasi, Ashanti Region

-- (Elections 2004 / 2008)

---> Ghanaian-born : (former Republican Presidential Candidate -- the ("Black Ted Cruz"): --(FEC) Identification Number # : P60008851

---> Former Ghanaian-American Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate, 1993 & 1997

---> Former Ghanaian-American Candidate for Governor of California, 2010 -- (withdrew from the Gubernatorial race)

---> Alumnus of the prestigious University of Southern California (USC)

---> Former Volunteer, and Precinct Captain for Obama for America (CD 37/CA22), and (CD47/CA22)

---> Former Member --- (Obama for America's Neighborhood Volunteer Team, 2012, CD 47, Long Beach, and Member, Obama for America's National Call Team)

---> Former Member : (Obama for America's National Call Team) / Volunteer 2008, (CD 37 / CA 22)

---> Former Precinct Captain in Southern California, [CD 37 / CA 22] -- Obama for America, Election 2008

---> [NOTATION]: Several of my published Policy Recommendations contained in News Bulletins, (Electronically sent to the White House, U.N., News Media such as Los Angeles Times, New York Times, African Diplomacy, GNA, Ghanaweb, etc, etc, and / or Faxed to United States' State Department, such as "American-led Democratic Revolution around the World" which was implemented by former Republican Secretary of State Dr Condoleezza Rice, etc, etc)

---> Also, several of my published News Bulletins containing Strategic Ideas successfully implemented by governments in Ghana

Contact :


K wame A. Boateng

("Kwame Mayor")

---> Telephone (+562) 489-4010 USA

---> (Private Email): KwameMayor@Yahoo.Com

---> Skype : Kwame.Mayor

---> Mailing Address: 65 Pine Avenue, # 716, Long Beach, CA 90802, USA



To utilize my Broad-based Education, Talents, Creativity, Functional, and Technical Skills; as well as my Enriching Political Experience to serve Ghana, (under His Excellency, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo's Inclusive Government), in such positions as Kumasi Mayor, Roving Ambassador ---> (the same position my Paternal late Uncle Politician Mr Joe Appiah, (Ghana's Great Politician in "Abaa-base" days served); Ghana's Ambassador to United States --> (the Leader of the Free World), (or) to serve as a Presidential Advisor / Consultant, etc, etc.

QUALIFICATIONS: Broad-based knowledge and experience in :

Policy : Policy Analysis, Policy Implementation, Policy Evaluation; Cost-Benefit Analysis; Research Methods, Statistical Analysis, Forecasting;

Finance : Public Finance, Financial Condition Evaluation, Debt Management, Valuation of Long Term Assets, Analysis of Financial Statements, Real Estate Finance;

General Management : Management Analysis, Decision Analysis, Project Scheduling, Linear Programming, Organizational Design; Effective Supervision; Conflict Resolution; Sources of Employee Satisfaction and Di-satisfaction; Accounting : Governmental Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting; Paralegal and Real Estate : Business Law, Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate, Tort.

Business and Information Technology -- Knowledge and experience in Finance, Policy, Public Administration, Management, Accounting, Paralegal (Legal Assistance), Real Estate, Skil ls and knowledge in the following Spreadsheets and Programs : Lotus 1-2-3, Quatro, Harvard Graphics; Paradox, Dbase 111+; Wordperfect; Microsoft Word, Powerpoint; Internet tools; Westlaw, Lexis; SAPSS, etc, etc

Education: Several years of Teaching Experience as a Guest Teacher from 1997 to present : (Teaching Experience at Regular Schools; At-Risk Students at Juvenile Hall

Schools in such Subjects as : English, Math, U.S. History, U.S. Government, Economics, etc, etc)

Experience in Youth and Community Development; Innovative Teaching Strategies, Critical Thinking in the Classroom, Outreach Projects concerning At-Risk Children, or Youth; Adult Literacy, etc, etc.

[OTHER] : Broad-based Coursework in Political Science, Economics, Journalism, etc

Cross Cultural Experience :

Enriching Experience of living in Multi-Cultural Environments, or Societies; Experience in Teaching Students from different Nationalities, and different Cultures; Living Experience in Africa, and Knowledge of Conditions of City and Rural Life; Living Experience in Environments, or Societies with several Ethnic Groups, Tribes, Languages and Cultures.




1987. MPA - Public Administration, Finance &

Policy emphasis, (USC)

1989. Master's Certificate in Public Financial Management, (USC)

1985 B.S. Public Administration (Management & Personnel)--- (USC)

1990. Doctoral (Coursework) in Public Administration, (USC)

1992 ---> Deferred Admission into Ph.D Programme in Political Science, and International Relations, at Claremont Graduate University (CGU).


1998-19 99 Coursework in Paralegal (Legal Assistance), and Real Estate (WLAC)

1997-1998 Coursework in Accounting & Computer Science (LACC)



>>> Architect of the (published) 2012, and again in 2014 ideas of building Inter-Continental Railroad to link [all] African States, which was sent Electronically to the News Media, such as African Diplomacy, Xinhua News, Ghana News Agency (GNA); Ghanaweb.Com, BBC; and to African Union (A.U.); White House, United Nations (U.N.), etc, etc, on or around 2012, in my News Bulletin captioned "Queen Elizabeth II, and President Barack Obama invited by Uhuru People's Party (UPP) to Accra on July 4th 2012 to officially proclaim Continental African Union Government --- United African States (UAS)" --- and another News Bulletin entitled: "Join Uhuru People's Party").

>>> The Strategic Idea of building Inter-Continental Railroad to link all African States, was also posted on China's Axim Bank. ----> (Thereafter, China's Prime Minister, in his tour in East Africa signed an agreement linking Six (6) East African Countries with Continental Railroad, and the Chinese Premier stated in May 2014 that he had a "Dream of someday linking all African Capitals") ---> * (It should be noted that in January 2015, China, and African Union signed "Document of the Century", to build "Inter-Continental Railroad to link [all] African Capitals"). ---> (China's Premier toured East Africa, and in (May 2014), said that he had a dream of connecting all African Capitals with Continental Railroad).

>>> On or December 13, 2015, I sent Electronic Mail, appealing to White House, and United Nations (U.N.) to prevent another Genocide in Burundi ---> (Thereafter, on, or Decem ber 15, 2015, African Union (A.U.) announced that it would prevent another Genocide in Burundi)



*** (Contributed several published and powerful ideas which have been implemented, and have become Monumental in Ghana).

Source: Uhuru Times

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