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Ghanafest 2010 in Jeopardy?

What Do These Wannabe Chiefs In Chicago Want?

Sometime this year, I read in disbelief on Ghanaweb, the ridicule Chicago Ghanaian wannabe chiefs took themselves through when they tried to bypass the very Associations that elected them; and the Ghana National Council (GNC) by instituting rules in the community. Not that the rules they were trying to institute were bad but because they don’t have the mandate to institute any rule on anyone! The action of these wannabe chiefs at the time did not only backfire but led to unnecessary tension in the community! One would have hoped that the embarrassment and shame their action brought on them would have made them think twice before they act again but no, NOT WITH POWER INTOXICANTS!

In a manner similar to their previous action, these wannabe chiefs are gearing their “wannabe loins” to boycott Ghanafest 2010 that comes off on July 31 for reasons that smacks of outer exasperating nonsense, hypocrisy, greed and lack of common sense and good judgment! These wannabe chiefs are bypassing their Associations and demanding that the GNC give each of them free 25 gate tickets before they attend the festival! These wannabe chiefs we learnt flatly refused 15 free gate tickets each the GNC approved for them! This ludicrous demand from these wannabe chiefs is coming after all the organizations including the wannabe chiefs have discussed the budget and ticket arrangements for the festival either through the various representatives of each Association on the Council or at the various meetings of the Associations of which the chiefs , queens , elders and members of these Associations are present. The wannabe chiefs go beyond cynical realism by bypassing laid down procedures for addressing issues in the community and prefer to elevate themselves above their Associations and the GNC! Their action also undermines the GNC representatives from the various Associations the chiefs belong to. The decision by the GNC did not meet their approval? Who do they think they are? Ten (10) people imposing their egoistic will on thousands of Ghanaians in Chicago?

We would urge the GNC to confront this latest affront on all of us and treat this greedy demand and behavior the way it should, ignore the ignoramus and let these wannabe chiefs deal with their various Associations if they need more tickets for their families, friends and fiancés! Adorning oneself in Kente and ornaments or “Patakari” does not make a wannabe chief a real one with some sort of imaginary powers to threaten even a fly! There are many who are more than willing to respond to the honorable call, to serve their Association in any capacity, be it as a ceremonial chief, queen or a linguist without attracting unnecessary attention and bogus belief of being a real chief! What a pitiful and impolite bunch of jokers!

At present, the GNC is trying hard to find sustainable financial sources for Ghanafest and other programs of the Council! Representatives of the Associations on the council and the Associations that form the GNC are being asked to pre-finance Ghanafest with over thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00)! At the time of global financial recovery and severe budgetary shortfall that has hit many countries and especially charitable organizations like the GNC; one would expect that these wannabe chiefs would be content with 5 tickets each! Their present action is like twisting the knife in wound of the victim, and in this case in the wound of all of us!

We hope that the threat of boycott is a planned reuse to get the attention of the GNC to doll off free gate tickets to them, in the process however; they have demeaned the “wannabe office” they hold and thereby make the current wannabe chiefs cheap and embarrassing prop of self seeking individuals!

Ghanafest is not just another Chicago neighborhood festival; it’s our soul, our collective pride as Ghanaians in Chicago! We will not allow few individuals’ (10 people) vain threats dictate its course! The show will be on, with or without them! They should go ahead with their boycott!

Source: Kojo Poku pokukojo@yahoo.com


Source: Poku, Kwadwo