Diasporian News Sat, 13 Jan 2007

Ghanaian Association of Sacramento

Ghanaian Association of Sacramento, California (GAS) was founded in 1992. It is a non- profit organization dedicated to helping Ghanaian families live full and productive lives here in Northern California.

Over the years, GAS has succeeded in becoming Northern California’s most recognized Ghanaian organization with unparallel stature in the promotion and sharing of the rich Ghanaian culture with individuals, groups and other organizations.

GAS has built its strengths from the hard work and dedication of its members in creating a social environment conducive for the teaching and learning of Ghanaian culture and traditions to GAS children and anyone who is interested in Ghanaian affairs. In addition, the association works collaboratively with outreach and community service organizations in providing needed services to members of our adopted community as well as Ghanaians back home. For the past few years, the association has supported the Loaves and Fishes organization in feeding the poor and have been a contributor to the Sacramento Food Bank. Other community service activities include cultural education at some elementary and middle schools here in Sacramento.

GAS continues to grow each year and look forward to working collaboratively with all the other Ghanaian associations across the United States to present a united Ghanaian community from coast to coast!

Please visit us at www.gascal.org. Thanks.

Kwame Acquaah

President-Elect Ghanaian Association of Sacramento, California

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