Diasporian News Wed, 25 Feb 2004

Ghanaian Contingent Honored With Medals

The Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), Mr. Souren Seraydarian, paid tribute to a departing Ghanaian task force contingent last Friday after successfully serving UNMIL.

The Ghanaian task force contingent, drawn from various units of the Ghana Armed Forces, was awarded medals by the United Nations for serving 90 days in mission area with an unblemished record, a release said.

The medal parade was held in Monrovia at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, and the offcial program was attended by senior officials of UNMIL, a representative of Defense Headquarters in Ghana, Ghana's Ambassador accredited to Liberia and other dignitaries.

Commending Ghana for the peacekeeping efforts, the UNMIL Deputy Chief and Officer-in-Charge said Ghana ranks as one of the top two countries in the world that has participated in more than 30 peace operations in the United Nations during the past four decades.

He added that if the peace process in Liberia is to succeed, Ghana's participation, considering its experience and dedication in the service of peace, is crucial.

In a related development, the Gambian contingent in UNMIL on Wednesday, 18 February 2004 held a similar parade and commemorated The Gambia's 39th Independence anniversary at the Unity Conference Center in Virginia.

This program was attended by ECOWAS Executive Secretary Special Representative to Liberia, Ambassador Francis Blain, Gambia High Commissioner to Liberia and officials of UNMIL.

It was characterized by cultural performances by Liberian cultural artists and Gambia UNMIL soldiers.

Source: The NEWS (Monrovia)