Diasporian News Sun, 24 Jun 2007

Ghanaian wins 'Miss Francophone' in Nigeria

In the ever famous city Riverstate, Nigeria, lies the oil pother court, where Miss Sharon Dede Sherbish astounded the audience with her output in the Miss Francophone Contest last month.

When Sharon Dede Sherbrah, the only Ghanaian, entered the contest amongst thirty five Nigerian contestants, it was foreseeable she would be defeated, yet throughout all activities she performed tremendously, and managed to reverse this probability winning the competition, and being awarded the title "Miss Francophone".

Miss Sherbrah , who hails from Nzema Land in the Western Part of Ghana, out shined the other competitors with a combination of hard work, poise and a fluent use of the French language. A successful speech and elegant catwalk only exceeded Shebrah's excellence in the competition.

Born June 17th 1988 in Nigeria, Sharon is one amongst five in the Shebrah family, and the daughter of proud parents Madame Ioans Addy and Spike Shebrah, both of whom are a Ghanaians. "I am proud to be Ghanaian and although am based in Nigeria, I would like to project the image and reputation of the country", she proudly proclaimed.

Sharon Sherbrah, a part time model, dancer and actress is not only beautiful, but intelligent too. After completing her primary education at Foster International School at Kokomlemle, she continued to study at secondary level in Holy Rosemary Senior Girls Secondary School in Nigeria. As an aspiring lawyer, Sharon now studies law at The University of Calabar, Nigeria.

Yet despite being both academically successful and upholding a flourishing career path, Sharon, "as a female faces fears and challenges as a lot of beautiful ladies are out there who have talent ,and have not been able to fix into the system". She continues, "You have to upgrade yourself and add value to yourself".


The "Miss Francophone" competition was not Sharon"s first sojourn into the world of competition as she once participated in a speech competition, the theme being "Women’s Affairs". The competition was open for all university students throughout Nigeria, so competition was not diminutive.

Despite almost losing the game, Sharon earned a respectable fourth position. This is a reflection of her belief that "with hard work and determination, you can get anywhere you want in life".

As a beautiful, successful "Miss Francophone" competition winner, many may see Sharon Dede Sherbrah as a prime example of a role model for today’s youth.

As she advises not to "let anyone deny you of your rights", it is clear to see why. However, Sharon’s personnel heroine is Oprah Winfrey, and when asked why, she simply smiles and states "she is a wrong woman".

When poised with the question, is she in a relationship?, she laughs aloud and claims she is not. As for the future, Sharon wishes to return to Ghana to work for her peaceful country after school.

Source: Statesman