House purchase allegation against Segbefia is False - NDC UK

Tue, 22 May 2012 Source: NDC UK & Ireland Chapter

The NDC UK and Ireland Chapter has strongly condemned false allegations levelled against the Deputy Chief of Staff Mr Alex Segbefia by a faceless group called Forum for Transparency and Good Governance in a fabricated ghanaweb.com publication captioned “Segbefia Buys House in Roman Ridge for $5 Million.”

The website which carried the story on the news page of its 21st May 2012 edition had defamatorily and falsely accused Mr Alex Segbefia of purchasing “a building popularly called Ashanti House, opposite the Jack and Jill school and James Camp Prisons.”

In a statement signed on behalf of the NDC UK and Ireland Chapter by the Chapter Secretary Mr Prince Kassim Alubankudi, the Chapter stated that even a cursory look at the publication can easily convince the good people of Ghana that it was another recycled fabricated story circulated by political foes to smear the good reputation of Mr Alex Segbefia in particular, and the NDC Government in general.

“Regarding the other false allegations in the publication claiming that Mr Alex Segbefia made ‘suspicious electricity, water, non existent staff payments and fund payments...from January 2012 to March 2012 to 56 individuals at the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council who cannot be traced or accounted for,’ we would like to remind all Ghanaians that our independent checks from reliable public sources confirm that with the strict checks and balances in Ghana’s public administration system, Mr Segbefia does not control Ghana’s national coffers, and therefore cannot make any payments directly to anyone from public coffers. This faceless Forum for Transparency and Good Governance group is dishonestly trying to throw as much dirty mud at Mr Segbefia, hoping that the dirt from their mud will stick to him. The NDC UK and Ireland Chapter would like to encourage all Ghanaians to dismiss this level of recurrent character assassination and false allegations being unleashed against Mr Segbefia, a hardworking Ghanaian man who selflessly left a comfortable top job in Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service in the United Kingdom to serve our country Ghana, even when his NDC party was still in opposition prior to the 2008 elections where he served as the National Co-Ordinator of the NDC party Campaign.”

The statement re-emphasised that “it is absolutely NOT TRUE that Mr Alex Segbefia has purchased a House anywhere in Ghana or abroad since the NDC came into Government.”

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Prince Kassim Alubankudi

Secretary, NDC UK & Ireland Chapter

Source: NDC UK & Ireland Chapter