Diasporian News Wed, 10 Sep 2008

Invitation to a Non-Partisan and Ecumenical Prayer Service

... for Ghana’s 2008 Elections!!!
Dear Fellow Ghanaians,
Those of us living in the USA are fortunate to be witnessing history being made in the course of this country’s 2008 general elections. In our country, a smaller history is also in process. Shortly after America ’s elections, Ghanaians will go to the polls to elect the country’s new political leaders. When that it is done, it will mark sixteen years of civilian rule and the deepening of human rights and personal freedoms in our land.

We would like to believe that Ghana is a God-fearing country and as such this important national task should be preceded and accompanied by prayers for guidance from our Lord. May He lead the people of Ghana to choose wise leaders who would care more about the common than individual good.

We are pleased to invite you to a non-partisan and ecumenical prayer service for Ghana ’s 2008 elections.

Venue: Bible Believers Tabernacle – 1877 Bath-gate Avenue , Bronx , NY 10457 Time: 8:00pm to 10:00pm Date: Saturday October 18, 2008


We expect to have representatives of churches, mosques, political parties and the government present to demonstrate that we are ONE before the Lord. There will be no politicking just prayers.

Please spread the word and may the Lord bless you. " The Music Rabbi" Kenneth Appiah and his Soul Winners will be there to grace the occasion, ", "The hip-pop King " VIP and more Internationally acclaimed gospel singers and actors will perform at the programme and so be a partaker of this noble event.!!!!!!

For further information please contact Rev. Alex Adu Gyamfi --- 646 - 419 -2127 ,the General Over-sear of the Bible Believers' Tabernacle ,Inc

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