Diasporian News Thu, 31 Mar 2016

Joint Easter church service for three Ewe churches in Maryland

A section of the congregation


In the past three Ewe churches in the Silver Spring area of Maryland used to have their separate Easter church services.

This year around the churches namely, Universal Evangelical Church USA, The Evangelical Presbyterian church of America, and the Ewe church of America, decided to have a joint church service on Sunday March 27 2016 under the theme; “Victory in your life”.

The venue for the service was the Briggs Chaney community center on 3410 Gateshead Manor Way.

Officiating were the following ministers; Rev. Dr. Peter Agbelie, Rev. Kennedy Odzafi, Rev. Mrs. Vivian Balasu Addo, Rev. Capt. Richard Galevo Addo, and Pastor Newman Artcher.

The service started with a colorful procession of the mass choir from the three churches and the it was masterfully conducted by Mr. Henry Provencal and Nelson Apenyo on the organ.

One distinct aspect of this celebration was the way the young ones born here in the USA led the readings in English, French and Ewe to the admiration of the congregants.

In his opening prayer and affirmation of faith, the Rev. Dr. Peter Agbelie thanked God for all nations and prayed for peaceful elections in all parts of the world and here in the USA in particular.

In her sermon, Rev. Mrs. Balasu Addo asked the congregants to pay particular attention to the theme and the day of Christ’s resurrection. She explained that Christ has to suffer and die and be resurrected to defeat death.

She admonished members to be ready for hard times and difficulties in life but bear in mind that all these shall be conquered. We are not to get overly worried when things are going bad with us or our situation.

God she said holds the key to our lives and we need not shudder under any circumstances. We should always look up to God for solutions and no one else. No one has control over our lives except God she concluded.

In his address to the congregants, the chairman of the unification committee, Pastor New man Artcher informed members that this historic joint church service is the precursor to the attempt that is being made to bring all the tree Ewe churches under one umbrella.

It is perfect we have taken the first step and we are going to look into the future with much hope and anticipation. He called on all to be part of this unification process it cannot be done by an individual or a committee but by all of us.

He took the opportunity to thank those who in their diverse way had helped in making the event possible.

Rev. Kennedy Odzafi took the opportunity to appeal to those without health care coverage to take advantage of services being offered for that purpose. He also called on those without social security numbers to take advantage of the clinic being offered to give Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) to people.

In his closing address, the Rev. Capt. Richard Galevo Addo thanked the planning committee for the exceptional way the planned and executed the event.

He thanked all for coming and asked for God’s blessing for all God’s children.

Source: Vincent Kosi