Diasporian News Tue, 16 Jul 2013

Kwakwaduam Association of NY Celebrates Diabetes Month

The Kwakwaduam Association of New York celebrated its Diabetes Month with a lecture on Diabetes and Obesity on July 14th.

The Organization recognizes the health effects of Diabetes and Obesity particularly among the immigrant population and has set the month of July to educate its members on the health effects of Diabetes The program was led by Dr. Kwame Aniapam Boafo, a Clinical Associate Professor of OB/GYN at the Albert Einstein Medical School and a Consultant to the Kwakwaduam Association.

He indicated that Diabetes and Obesity have become an epidemic and that they do have profound health implications. He discussed the diagnosis, complications and management of diabetes. He indicated that Prediabetes stage of diabetes offers profound opportunity to avoid acquiring Diabetes by alteration of nutrition and life style changes. He explained the role of Hb A1C in the overall management of diabetes as well knowing ones BMI and acting accordingly to lose weight. He stressed the role of healthy diets in the management of diabetes and the place of the Ghanaian Diet in calorie counting. He emphasized the plate method as an ideal way of organizing meals.


In depth questions were asked from members and the occasion was in deed an excellent health education opportunity for the members.

Commenting on the program, Rev. Nyanteh said he was indeed proud of the value Kwakwaduam adds to its meetings by organizing these forums to educate members. He said our bodies were the temples of God and needed to be treated with reference.

Mr. Mark Saforo President of the Organization indicated the need for members to show profound interest in Kwakwaduam and to foster its growth. Miss Gifty Asamani thanked Dr. Boafo on behalf of Kwakwaduam Kwakwaduam is a Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to organize activities to enhance the education, health, socio economic, cultural and financial lives of its members to extend same to the community at large as well to Ghana and Africa in general. Visit Kwakwaduam on the web at www.AkropongKwakwaduam.Org

Source: Kwame Atoapem