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Kwame Mayor says he wants to go Kumawood, and Hollywood

Politician, Kwame Mayor, turns into Acting, but (refuses) to quit Politics ----> (in order to save Ghana from NDC, and NPP 'Scratch me back" Political Power).


Kwame Mayor, a former Ghanaian-American Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate, (who was allowed to 'Test the Waters" of United States' historic 2016 Election as a Republican Candidate), says he wants to go Kumawood, and Hollywood, and has publicly appealed to Hollywood, Kumawood, Nollywood, Venture Capitalists, Corporations, Businesses, and his Alma Mater, University of Southern California (USC), etc, etc, to sponsor Movies he is working on, namely: ---> British Genocide in Anglo-Ashanti Wars; ("Dark Days of Colonialism: The Beheading of Sir Charles McCarthy); British Savagery in the Execution of Twumase-Ankrah ---> (Twumasi Ankrah, was Extended Family member of Kwame Mayor's Paternal, or Father's side, during U.P., and CPP internecine Political Civil War, during Ghana's Independence Struggle), Dutch Savagery in Beheading of King Badu Bonsu II, in Gold Coast-Ghana; Slave Trade Holocaust; Apology to 'Kankan Nyame' ---> the African Deity who suffered Politically-Motivated Character Defamation; "All Die be Die", (Mahama Awie-ye ---> the "Angelic Face, but the Heart of a Devil"); June 4th Terrorists Revolution, Africa's Corruption; Scratch my Back NDC & Scrath my Back NPP : The Looting of Ghana; Come back Jesus; Bob Marley-We Miss You !; (Bob Marley- the Black Jesus), Secrets of Bruce Lee; Last Days of Ali, the Greatest of all time; Tupac's Resurrection; The Pastor's Mistress, and I ---> (the untold Story of "America's Mandela", Kwame Mayor; and his Manipulative Ex-Girlfriend, during School days at University of Southern California (USC), Ms Karen Stanford, who Satanically tried to destroy his life, as a Civil Rights Activist ---> Later, she (Ms Karen Stanford) ran away from Restraining Order, and Lawsuit, which Kwame Mayor won

---> Years later, the same Manipulative, Wicked, and Vicious Wom an, (Ms. Karen Stanford), now holding Ph.D, who tried to destroy the life of "Kwame Mayor" ---> one of the World's Most Sophisticated Intellectuals, also tried to destroy the life of Legendary Black Civil Rights Leader, Reverend Jesse Jackson)

*(Other Movie): "America's Mandela".


Ideas cannot be copied, or imitated, without permission.

The Great Politician, Kwame Mayor, said even though he wants to turn into Acting, with his Extraordinary Talents, Charisma, and his "Mohammed Ali's style of Pretty Face" ---, he (refuses) to quit Politics ---> (in order to save Ghana from NDC, and NPP 'Scratch me back" Political Power).

The "Intellectual Politician", Kwame Mayor, whose Picture was used by Ghana's Electoral Commission's Public Relations', in 2004 /2008 Elections, (when he contested as CPP Parliame ntary Candidate for Nhyiaeso Constituency, in Kumasi, Ashanti Region of Ghana), says Ghanaians should believe in Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Protection, Ms Oyoko Djaba's version of her Story, than that of her Sister's false --> ("We are in a comfortable lead's" Story) -- and Ghanaian Intellectuals should also believe Ms Djaba, when she said that former President Mahama is not qualified to be her --> (Ms Otiko Djaba's) lover.

The Pan-Africanist, and Benevolent Politician, Kwame Mayor, pledged to donate some of the Money he would make in his Movies, to buy Carts for "Kayayes", who will enroll in (After-Work Education, and Skills' Training Centers), around the Country

During Atlanta, USA based Klasik Radio's discussion about Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta's Budget -- (the weekend of the same week, on, or around March 5, 2017, after the Budget had been read) ---> Kwame Mayor recommended that 'Kayeyos' in Ghana, should be provided with "Carts to carry goods, instead of carrying heavy loads on their heads".

Source: Uhuru Times

---> (Signed for release): "Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Appiah Boateng, ("Kwame Mayor")

---> Telephone (+562) 489-4010 USA

---> (Private Email): KwameMayor@Yahoo.Com

Source: Tsi-Tsi Mashinini (Uhuru Times)

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