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Lolonyo Haborbor: The Unity of Ewes in Michigan, USA



Lolonyo Haborbor is an Association of Ewes in the Michigan area. The association was formed in 2007 in Lansing Michigan, in an effort to bring together the Ewe children of Ghana, Togo, and Benin on monthly basis. The monthly meetings are designed to consider the well-being of the association members, support them in their time of grief, difficulties, and happiness. It is a trauma when someone from a foreign country loses a family member who lives back home. It is for such reasons that the association is invaluable in giving support to the bereaved members, as well as to rejoice with them in their time of joy.

In addition to supporting its members, the monthly meetings help members reminisce about events in Ghana, Togo, and Benin. The meetings, in many cases, smoothen the isolation and the feeling of dejectedness that befall many living in foreign lands.

This year, the association plans to be engaged in community activities such as volunteering to deliver food to the elderly, do some community clean-up work, and the like. If you are in the Michigan area, why not look up Lolonyo Haborbor, and attend one of their meetings? These are held on the first Saturday of each month.

Attached are some of the pictures of one of their monthly meetings.

Dr. William Yaw Adufutse is from Anfoega in the Volta Region, and a Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change in the US. His book Leadership theories: The relevance of transformational leadership is available on Amazon. He can be reached at adufu1wy@yahoo.com

Source: William Yaw Adufuse

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