Diasporian News Thu, 31 Oct 2013

NDC UK/Ireland urges TUC To call off intended strike

We have read in the media with deep concern TUC-led strike action planned for November 18th.

NDC UK and Ireland chapter wish to urge TUC to call off their intended strike actions. We are of the opinion that government's effort in resolving the utility tariff hikes have not yet been exhausted hence the need to call off the strike action and resort to negotiations.

Moreover, we have noticed that, unlike UK and other countries where workers forfeit their salary on the day(s) they abstained from work due to strike actions, Ghanaian workers are paid their full salary hence the delight and rush to go on strike.

We believe that government has faced series of tough challenges in the first half of its 4-year term; including the first 8 months of uncertainty and lack of foreign investments due to the Supreme Court case, the unexplained fire outbreaks and energy crisis. These challenges have put a lot of strain on government finances.


It is therefore important for workers who are well remunerated with the introduction of Single Salary Spine which takes 70% of our revenue to be more patriotic and work with the government, not against the government in this difficult times.

Ghanaians, especially leaders of various unions should not be influenced by politicians, but by a high sense of patriotism and service to our motherland.

On behalf of Ghanaians in the diaspora, we appeal to TUC to recede their decision and go back to the negotiation table and sacrifice a bit more for the sake of mother Ghana.

Source: NDC UK/Ireland