Diasporian News Sat, 24 Jul 2010

NDC –USA Galvanize Demoralized Members for 2012

Members of the NDC-USA chapter came to Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday, July 17 2010 with depleted enthusiasm but left rejuvenated to help their beloved party win the critical 2012 elections in Ghana.

Presenting the chapter reports at the inauguration of the Columbus branch of the NDC-USA, speaker after speaker narrated the bitter experiences some members of the NDC –USA encountered when they tried to meet with party leaders and officials in Ghana after winning the landmark 2008 presidential and parliamentary elections. Members of NDC-USA are not just sympathizers of the party, they are card bearing members who contribute cash, materials and mobilize their family and friends back home to vote for the NDC.

The tone for the long list of dispirited speakers from the various branches was set by the Chairman of NDC-USA, Cobby Boahene. He is also a member of the Chicago branch of the party. The chairman, Cobby Boahene, narrated awful experiences some NDC-USA members encountered when they paid official visit to Ghana to meet with party officials. “Every door was slammed at their faces by the leadership in Accra. Those they had cordial relations with before the 2008 elections turn their back on them “, an obviously dejected Cobby, explained to the audience. The chairman informed the audience that the NPP has put in place a well oiled and orchestrated propaganda attacks against the NDC on TV, Radio and print media aimed at winning back power in 2012 but so far there are no coordinated counter responses by the NDC. He cautioned that if such attacks are left unanswered or ignored by the NDC, its cumulated effect may hurt the NDC in the 2012 elections.

Cobby Boahene however asked members of the party to take his message in a positive way to help rebuild the NDC so that the party can maintain power after the critical 2012 elections. The Chairman of NDC –USA reminded members of the party that Ghanaians are better off with the worst NDC government than under the best NPP administration. Mr. Boahene brought to the fore the popular phrase being used everywhere you meet NDC supporters, “we will advice ourselves come 2012”. He said this is so disturbing that if we don’t “wake up” , we will only have ourselves to blame. He pointed out how disappointed many party members both home and abroad are. He indeed cautioned all [arty members’ in Ghana and abroad to appreciate the contributions made by the founder of NDC, President Rawlings and desist from any comments that may portray ungratefulness. Cobby entreated Ghanaians to be patient, and that no matter how bad things may look at the moment, he has the belief that President Mills, who he deem was brought to the scene by God Almighty himself, will at the end of the day ,fulfill his electoral promises. He concluded by asking Ghanaians to pray for the President.

Dr.Lamptey of the New York branch of the NDC expressed his frustration about his personal experience in Ghana. He was given seven weeks appointment to meet with an NDC official in Accra. Such arrogance most in the audience agreed, led to the defeat of the NPP party in the 2008 general elections. Some speakers touched on the delay in bringing to justice, those who meted injustice on the people of Ghana; whilst others also used words like apathy, dismal interest and disappointed to describe the attitude and feelings of their members to party activities recently. This they all agreed was the result of a perceived neglect by the party leadership in Accra.

Ghana’s Ambassador to the USA, H.E Mr. Daniel Ohene Agyekum called the frustrations and the appalling experiences described by members of the party as “challenges”. He reemphasized that as difficult as those “challenges” are, Ghana is way off better under NDC regime than the past NPP government. He assured the gathering that he will report faithfully, the sentiments expressed by members of the party in the USA to the party leadership in Ghana. HE Mr. Daniel Agyekum later swore the Ohio branch executives into office. The new officers swore their allegiance to the NDC and pledge their sincere and honest efforts to assist their fellow members in serving this great party and our country Ghana. The chairman of the Columbus branch, Mr. Martin E. Cudjoe, thanked the Ambassador and other branch members present for coming to grace the inauguration. Mr. Cudjoe pleaded for God’s blessings for the better Ghana Agenda of the Mills administration to be fulfilled.

HE Mr. Daniel Ohene Agyekum met with the Ghanaian community of Columbus, Ohio, the next day after the inauguration at the Assemblies of God Church . The assistant treasurer of the NDC party in Ghana, Ms. Amenuvor brought NDC membership cards in various denominations for sale. You may contact Cobby Boahene at CBOAHENE@sbcglobal.net or Ms. Duffour at bfaith44@yahoo.com to purchase one.

Source: Reuben Hiadzie