Diasporian News Sun, 11 Aug 2013

NDC USA Stands By NDC UK Ireland

The NDC USA wishes to condemn and add our voice to our comrades in UK Ireland NDC on the demonstration purported to have been organized by the UK Chapter of the New Patriotic Party “to help strengthen the hands of the nine-member panel of Supreme Court justices sitting on Election 2012 petition case."

We advise all Ghanaians both home and abroad to desist from any unwarranted pronouncements on the verdict of the election petition hearing. Obviously the idea that the Supreme Court needs any inspiration as may be derived from a demonstration is preposterous and ridiculous. We reiterate President Mahama’s recent advise for all to accept the verdict of the Supreme Court. In recent times some apologists of the NPP have tried to twist the President’s pronouncements on the case and have also taken to churn out bogus news stories making claims about how NPP got more votes than NDC during the parliamentary elections. Obviously these are all attempts to make the NPP’s position look better than it is. The NDC USA believes that these news stories which have no credibility have begun popping up in the media because of NPP’ s desperation! We urge all well-meaning Ghanaians to take note that these kinds of demonstrations are pointless attempts to win a court case in the minds of the general public before the Supreme Court of Ghana, delivers its verdict!

The NDC USA has been concerned about the presence of the NPP General Secretary, Mr. Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, popularly known as Sir John in the U.S. We have seen his handwriting on the wall reorganizing these little elephants here in the U.S (NPP USA) from their slumber and also writing and publishing unnecessary articles under NPP USA’s name.

We have also taken note that; Mr. Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie’s attempts to rally NPP USA to protest the outcome of the Supreme Court verdict if it does not favor the NPP is perilous to our infant democracy. We believe these diabolical efforts are counterproductive and will damage the good name our country enjoy in the international community.

It is our hope that for once the NPP will let the peace of mother Ghana our only home be our only worry rather than their narrow political persuasions and interests. We hope that the NPP and its agents home and abroad would give peace a chance no matter who wins the petition currently in the Supreme Court! We urge all Ghanaians to focus on letting peace be Ghana’s property so that together we can create prosperity for Ghanaians today and the unborn generations! This should be our call and cardinal goal. Our acts and pronouncements must put the peace, harmony and security of our country Ghana first and paramount.

Charles Kpodzo Secretary –NDC USA

Source: NDC USA