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NPP China branch (youth) appeal to Akufo-Addo


Throughout our stay in various universities in China, the Ghanaian and Chinese professors actually cannot understand why Ghana is still struggling to move from poverty, with all her strong relationship with the People's Republic of China.

Some of us here can attest to the fact that China is fast developing and our country can learn a lot based on the good diplomatic relationship between these two countries and it will take a leader, someone who knows the terrain of lobbying for direct foreign investment in China to perform such a task. We the Ghanaian youth in China believe that Prof. Gyansah is the best man to make the dream of our great leader and the President elect, Nana Addo to come to pass as the Ghana Ambassador to China. Our country Ghana is lacking a holistic and a futuristic development because for some time now we have been led by visionless leaders with poor lobbying skills, absence of rule of law and others but with Prof. Gyansah leading the Ghana mission in China, we see a great future where our country is will prosper with more foreign investments in Ghana, good welfare of Ghanaians in China and the NPP fraternity at large. In view of these we are appealing strongly to the President elect and his able team to consider Prof. Lawrence Gyansah for the position of Ghana Ambassador to China, where good diplomatic relations between China and Ghana can be deepened. We believe Ghana can learn so many things from China to make the implementation of the “one district one factory” policy which is the vision of our President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo and his running mate Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia easily.

In fact, these vision will seem to be impossible for those with myopic brains but with Prof. Gyansah, it is possible.

China is now an industrial giant in the world because of its visionary leaders. It is for this reason that we the youth of the China branch of NPP think, Ghana needs hard working, vibrant, results oriented, tried and tested individuals who have achieve a lot in their field of endeavors and who have excellent knowledge of business dynamics as well as the industrial zones in China and is well connected internationally to serve as an Ambassador.

Ghana is tired of exporting agricultural products. It is about time we begin exporting industrial and manufacturing products into the world market and to do this, we need more Foreign direct investments.

These can only happen if we have somebody with the kind of links that can make this a reality.


In China we can boast of so many Ghanaians who are capable and have the required track records to work in this capacity to meet the demand of this position, who is also a “true blue” party men and understands the vision of Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo and the NPP at large. These brings to mind Prof. Lawrence Gyansah, a Ghanaian who is living in China, a strong supporter of our great party, whose contribution to our party has been enormous. He has served in various capacities to help our party as being a deputy communications director for the China branch.

He is very strong, optimistic, encouraging and promise fulfilling when it comes to party issues. He has dedicated his whole life both private and political to serve Ghanaians and the party with humility. Professor Lawrence Gyansah, is a philosopher, an initiator and a researcher from W.V.S Tubman University, college of Engineering and Technology.

He was born in Asiakwa, in the Eastern Region of Ghana in the year 1979. Between 2009 and 2012, he served as a director and a supervisor to positron Engineering Services limited and JAGOKS engineering and Trading limited respectively.

From 2011 to 2013, he was a professional service provider to Rutgers University of New Jersey, USA and Professor to the University of Liberia, T.J.R Faulkner college of science and Technology, Division of Engineering, Liberia which was sponsored by USAID.

He is also a member of a lot of professional bodies such as Association of Engineering Doctorates(AEngD). From 2008 to 2010, lectured at the University of mines and Technology and Regional Maritime University, Accra, Ghana. He served as an ROV Pilot in Offshore Engineering Company at Scotland in 2011. His research interest includes fatigue analysis of structures, finite element modeling, gradient materials and Nanotechnology.

Professor Lawrence Gyansah is an author and co-author of numerous referred research publications in international Journals and international conferences. He has won various International awards and has served in various boards with both local and International capacities. All these while he was very instrumental in organizing the party at the grassroots both home and abroad. China is a country that is blessed with talent and has a huge population to serve as a big domestic market for Chinese companies.

Now because of Globalization, all companies in the world and for that matter Chinese companies are looking forward to invest in countries but because of various barriers and lack of political will of host countries to give friendly environment to these companies, they are often afraid to do so especially when it comes to investing in some parts of Africa.

With Ghana advancing in democracy, there is a stable political atmosphere. With Nana Addo Steering the affairs of the country, we are going to see good governance and rule of law. We believe Ghana will be a preferred investment destination in Africa and the world within the next few months ahead of us for Chinese companies. This is the time we need highly spirited men like Prof. Gyansah to serve Ghana as an Ambassador.

Over the years Ghana has not been taking full advantage of China-Ghana relationship. But we believe with Nana Addo and His Running Mate Steering the affairs of the country, there is going to be a paradigm shift and Prof. Gyansah is ever ready to persuade more investors from China to invest in all sectors of the economy.

This is what he is into and is not going to be difficult for him to be given this appointment because he is poised for this position. Almost all Ghanaian students in China feels at home because of him. He is always seeking the welfare of Ghanaian students in various universities, moving from campus to campus to make sure things are in order for some of us.

Negotiating for scholarships for students both Partial and Full and a lot more. We believe if such a person is appointed as an Ambassador, Ghanaian communities in China will be more than happy than ever.

With the one district one factory initiative which is the vision of our leader, we believe we can contribute a lot to make that a reality. Ghana has a lot of bilateral agreements with China with both countries having a friendly relationship. In fact, the amount of economic support both countries receive from each other is beyond imagination, in terms of trade, technology and so on. We believe this is the time we transform these relations into developments.


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