Diasporian News Sun, 11 Jan 2009

Offinsoman Union in Washington DC Metro End of year Dinner Dance

The Offinsoman Union Inc. of Washington DC Metropolitan area climaxed the year activities with a dinner dance held in Alexandria, Virginia. The occasion was overwhelmingly attended by friends, family members and the members of the union. Odefoa Kwaku Adjei opened the occasion with a prayer, followed by the President’s annual remark. Mr. Isaac Owusu Ansah, the President of the Union in his keynote address highlighted the Union’s achievements and also hurled out the challenges that lied ahead of the Union for the years to come. He promulgated with glee of the Unions accomplishment of obtaining 501(c) (3) status that has been granted by the Internal Revenue of the United States of America. This certificate warrants the Union the audacity and the power to operate in the United States as a legal Non Governmental Organization authorize to transact business and also solicit for donations from various organizations and individuals.

Mr. Owusu Ansah lamented further on about challenges that the Union faces. He stressed on the need for the Union to reach out to every Offinso resident through out the globe especially those in Europe, Australia, Asia and every state in America to join the Union and also be part in their own little way by extending help to people of Offinso and Ghana as a whole. He lamented on the need for the Union to adopt the modern technology such as internet, phone calls, test messages and postal mailings to reach out to every Offinsoman individual living everywhere in the world. He hinted the audience of the Union website which is yet to be launched soon. He stressed on that you don’t need to be a resident of Washington DC Metropolitan area to be a registered member, yet you can join by registering through online or contacting the executives and you will be informed of all our activities and also projects that we intend to pursue for the local residents of Offinso. He expressed his personal appreciation and heartfelt thanks to all of the members for maintaining their resilience, fortitude and most of all, their humanity throughout the challenges of the year.

Mr. Stephen Asare Mensah, on behalf of the Union presented a certificate of appreciations to Mrs. Georgina Baah, Mr. Atta Badu Asenso and Mr. Charles Osei Dankwa as a grateful appreciation and recognition of their excellent attendance and fulfillment of their obligations and extraordinary services to the Union.

Offinsoman Union is a non-profit organization set up to support and contributes to the development of the Offinso District and the nation as a whole. Membership is open to both native residents of Offinso and non-native members residing in the Diaspora. The Union is financed by the contributions and donations given by its members. The overall objective of the Union is to ensure that the local citizens will have access to the basic facilities needed to make Offinso a better place to live. Their support and contributions are not only limited to extending help to the local citizens back home, but also among members and their families living in the Diaspora. Our meetings are held in 6420 General Green Way, Alexandria Virginia of the first Sunday of every month.

Mr. Owusu Kwarteng, the Financial Secretary of the Union who was also the MC for the occasion extended an open invitation to each of everyone who is interested in becoming a member of the union. He stressed on the membership criteria such that the membership is not open to only people from Offinso, but also to every individual who has an interest in Offinso. He told them to contact Mr. Asare Mensah, the secretary of the union or Anim Addo Sampong on below contact information for membership registration.


Asare S. Mensah

Phone: 703-622-9877

Email:offinsoman_union@yahoo.com SFmensah@yahoo.com

Anim Addo Sampong

Phone: 571-242-9795 Email: nafeel12000@yahoo.com

Source: Anim Addo Sampong