Diasporian News Sun, 23 Oct 2016

PPP UK & Ireland disappointed by Ghana police

... service's harsh treatment of presidential candidates

The Progressive People's Party (PPP), United Kingdom and Ireland Chapter has noted with disdain the issuance of arrest warrants to prospective Presidential Candidates of our Motherland Ghana to appear before the police Criminal Investigative Department by close of day, Friday 21st October, 2016 or risk being arrested by the police department.

Whilst we believe in the rule of law, we would equally expect the Ghana Police Service to be very professional in serving the best interests of the very Ghanaians they are there to protect and serve. Ghana is supposed to be a "Matured Democracy" and as such we expect our law enforcers to take no sides in the performance of their duties which, from all intents and purposes seems to be the case.

We therefore call on the Inspector General of Police to conduct his men and women in uniform to respect those who are putting themselves up to vie for the position of a Head of State but for some hiccups which are clearly being misconstrued as serious crimes. Mind you, there were recent cases of serious crimes by the notorious "muntie three" which ended up on the desk of our Head of State for a Presidential pardon which was granted as a matter of course because the three happened to be members of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC). If we compare the errors or mistakes on the forms submitted to the Electoral Commission (EC) by Dr. Nduom and other Presidential aspirants to the threats by the "muntie three "which one should be classified as worse than the other?

The PPP believes that none of the Presidential aspirants is a crook or else the Electoral Commission wouldn't have given them the forms to be completed in the first place. It goes without saying therefore that one would expect the highest standards in policing ethics from our uniformed men and women as pertains in enlightened or more civilised societies. The display of unprofessionalism by the Ghana Police Service in addressing the issue of a complaint by the Electoral Commissioner puts our democracy under scrutiny by the international community as the treatment meted out to some of our Presidential aspirants is well over the top and needs more to be desired by way of unqualified apologies to the prospective Presidential candidates.



Victor Nunoo



London 21st Ocober,2016


Thank you

P.K. Ackon

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Source: PPP UK & Ireland