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Paa Kwasi Sam assumes leadership of the Ghanaian Community in Chicago.

Chicago Illinois December 8 2017:Barely 24 hours after a peaceful transfer of power in Ghana, the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, GNC, followed suit when Mr. Paa Kwasi Sam and his executives were sworn into office for a three-year term. Ironically, like the winning party in Ghana, Mr. Sam also campaigned on the platform of change! He successfully challenged his former boss , the incumbent and outgoing President, Mr. Ebenezer Antwi-Nsiah.

President Sam was Mr. Nsiah's Vice President and President of Okuapeman Fekuw. History would recall that Mr. Ebenezer Antwi-Nsiah left one of the best financial success stories of the GNC. He inherited a zero balance but within three years, he left over twelve thousand dollars ($12,000.00) profit. President Sam is taking over at a point where majority of the profit made by Nsiah was used to pay off debts left by John Henry Assabill’s regime.

Reverend Dr. Kofi Noonoo swore members of President Sam’s Executive body after they were confirmed by the Council members. The complete list of the newly sworn-in Executives are:

PRESIDENT Paa Kwasi Sam: Okuapeman Assoc.

VICE PRESIDENT Kasim Abubakar: Ghana Northern Union


SECRETARY Belinda Sintim: Okwahu United Assoc.

ASSISTANT SECRETARY Sandra Amonoo: Fante Benevolent Assoc.

FINANCIAL SECRETARY Juby Fiadzigbe: Ga-Dangbe Organization

BUSSINESS MANAGER Eunice Cromwell: Fante Benevolent Society


WELFARE OFFICER Godwin Asanga: Ghana Northern Union

ASSISTANT WELFARE OFFICER Roney Kumi: Brong-Ahafo Assoc.

YOUTH SECRETARY Akua Achiaa Agyeman: Asanteman Assoc.

ASSISTANT YOUTH SECRETARY Michael O. Agyeman: Mrantie Kuo

PUBLICITY SECRETARY Henry Nartey: Ga-Dangbe Organization



ORGANIZING SECRETARY Eugene K. Frimpong: Asanteman Assoc.

ASSISTANT ORGANIIZATION SECRETRY Chris Agyare: Mrantie Kuo/Okwahu Assoc.

SEARGANT OF ARMS George Asare Boafo:Okuapeman Fekuw

President Sam proposed Jeff Badu for the Treasury position but since it is an electable position , the nomination was temporarily suspended pending special elections to fill it .

In a short remark before swearing-in the newly confirmed Executives, Reverend Dr. Kofi Noonoo asked for the Lord’s blessings and wisdom to guide them.

In his inaugural remarks, Paa Kwasi Sam first introduced Mr. Clement Timpo and Mr. John Abbeyea, former President and Vice President respectively of the GNC as his guests. He thanked the chief of Okuapeman Association, Nana Yirentsi Bonsu and his wife, Juliana Sam, who were present at the ceremony, for their support over the years. President Sam asked members of the community to support his administration when he said “You should not stand aloof and look at the executives to do all the work, we need all of you on board to help the community move forward.” He stated that it is the ambition of the new executives besides Ghanafest and Ghana’s Independence celebrations, introduce more programs to serve the increasing needs of the community. “It is about time we all stand together and bring all the dreams we have for our community into fruition”, Mr. Sam challenged the community and members of the GNC. On the long-awaited Ghana house or Ghanaian community center and a consulate, he urged all to rally behind the executives to make sure these are achieved during his first term in office. “I am not going to take any achievements home or to Ghana, anything we achieved will be for the Ghanaian community here. I urge you all to join with us to make our community an enviable community in the Ghanaian diaspora” President Paa Kwasi Sam concluded.

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