Diasporian News Tue, 30 Sep 2008

Pay just prices for raw materials produced by Africa

--- Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong urges Western Governments

The Emeritus Archbishop of Kumasi, Most Rev. Peter K. Sarpong has called on Western governments to pay just prices for raw materials produced by Africa.

Speaking in Cologne, Germany, on the topic ``Talk to Rekindle Missionary Spirit of the Faithful at St. Hubert Parish´´, he urges European citizens to lobby their government to treat African nations with “true justice and love”, most especially, “they should stop selling arms to gullible Africans to kill themselves.”

Most Rev. Sarpong further called on his audience to make it a point to come to Africa for holidays adding “once you have visited Africa, you will not be the same again. Your outlook on Africa and, indeed, life will change completely. You will notice in Africa an alternative way of life, which you can copy. The happiness in the midst of poverty will surprise you.”

He called for what he described as “secondary evangelisation” which should address among other things the bane of Godlessness or unbelief, the problems of drug addiction, prostitution, aborting, lesbianism, homosexuality, armed robbery, senseless wars and streetism.


Most Rev. Sarpong called on Christians to form solid families, a laity that is rooted in faith. “We need to build schools; we need to protect our environment; we need to do away with political deceit, arrogance, HIV/AIDS and so on.”

Stressing that Evangelisation was a two-way street, Most Rev. Sarpong said Christians were now members of the same family adding “and surely we in Africa too, by way of example, prayers and good wishes, can in some way reciprocate your goodness to us.”

Most Rev. Sarpong later addressed the faithful in Berlin and called on them to abide by the teachings of the Bible without discarding their traditional roots.

Ghana, he said was a land endowed with rich cultural heritage that should supplement the Chriatian teaching.

Source: musah@africanewsanalysis.com