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Rev. Alexander Adugyamfi outdoors second book Secrets to a lasting Marriage

The Christian Journal - The founder and presiding Bishop of Bible Believers' Tabernacle church in the Bronx New York,

Rev. Alexander Gyamfi, on October 30th 2016 launched his second book which looks at the institution of marriage, and how couples can live in an atmosphere of love and peace, sharing each other’s joy according to how God loves the church. The well attended event took place at the main auditorium of the church at 1877 Bathgate Avenue. Prior to the launch of the book, the choir treated worshippers to some great gospel tunes, lifting the spirit of members to what they were to expect on the night.

Marriage is work. Marriage is struggle. But then again, any close relationship is. And for that matter, so is anything of value in life. It is important to remember that God is the author of marriage.


In an Interview with the African Christian Network, he said "marriage is a covenant not a contract. Contract has an expiring date but marriage does not. One enters in a contract with the view of what one will gain but in a covenant with the view of what one can offer. Marriage is the only institution that has a link to your salvation."

Speaking before the launch of the book, Rev Alexander Adugyamfi recounted some key elements in the book and talked about how it will impacts the lives of people for “the now and the future.” He said his first book, “You Can Dream Again,” was about helping people pick themselves up after going through difficult times in their lives, while trying to fulfill their dreams. The new book, as he said, examined the issue of divorce within the Christian faith and the challenge it presents to the church. He was confident the book will help resolve some of the nagging questions people have regarding how the church handles separation within the church.

Source: The Christian Journal

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