Diasporian News Sun, 29 Aug 2010

Revival Breaks Out in Maryland

Laurel, Maryland August 27th 2010

Ghanaian born Minister, Bishop Senyo Bulla of Christian Action Faith Ministries (C.A.F.M) is leading a wave of end time revival that brings to memory historic moments in Church history like the Azusa Street Revival of 1906- 1915 (Los Angeles, California), The Billy Graham Crusades or the more recent Lakeland Revival of 2008 (Florida).

The power packed prayer focused prophetic services began in June, 2010 with a 10day meeting that ran from 11pm – 3am. It continued in July and August with 5days each month and is scheduled to now continue through September (27th to October 1st) and October. The focus of the meetings as Bishop Bulla describes it is to “destroy the works of the devil in the lives of God’s people… Are we not tired of going to church continuously and still walking in sickness, reproach, defeat, poverty?…Prayer must be offered with revelation, knowledge of the scriptures and faith to be effective and that is what these prophetic meetings are about. I have a passion for believers everywhere and these meetings are not about denomination, rather it is designed for the body of believers… This is not church as usual…”

One would think that a prayer and deliverance meeting scheduled through the early hours of weekday mornings in the United States will be a deterrent but on the contrary it is promoting patronage as close to 200 people from various cities around the beltway converge to pray, seek God, receive ministration and offer sacrifices. What makes these meetings and ministry different from many others is the clarity of the objectives for each night, the knowledge of scripture that guides the prayers and the gifts of the Holy Spirit that manifests each night.

The secular term that best describes the prophetic meetings is “boot camp.” Attendees pray, praise, worship and receive ministration on their feet for four hours and no one complains about the intensity and fervency. Obviously anyone who attends needs God to intervene in one situation or another, and He does as people return with testimonies of turnaround in impossible situations.


Everything about this ministry resembles revival and without being a prophet one can predict that it is growing into a powerful movement across Northeastern United States. As Bishop Bulla often says in the meetings, there is absolutely nothing that God cannot accomplish when the believer prays.

Bishop Bulla is a weapon in God’s hands bringing deliverance to many households and communities in the Washington, DC area and leading believers in a major offensive against the devil. He has been a pastor of Christian Action Faith Ministries for close to 20years and is the current Resident Senior Pastor of the Laurel branch, Maryland.

Action worship center, Laurel Maryland (9805 Lyon Avenue Laurel, MD 20723 www.actionworshipcenter.net) is an affiliate of Action Churches worldwide. It was established with a few people in 1995 in Columbia and has grown into a dynamic, international ministry, touching the nations through prayer, teaching, preaching, discipleship, home care groups, deliverance meetings, focus on the family, and conferences.

The parent church, Christian Action Faith Ministries International under the leadership of His Grace Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams started in 1979 in Accra, Ghana and is a pioneer of the charismatic movement in western Africa. C.A.F.M. currently has over 250 affiliate churches worldwide with Action Worship Center, Maryland, serving as the headquarters church for North America.

Source: AMIP News