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Rockstone, VIP in New York for Ghana@51 Celebration

Rockstone, VIP in New York for Ghana@51 Celebration

Sat, 29 Mar 2008 Source: bdnvision.org

It's the most anticipated event of the year!!!….Reggie Rockstone is on deck for the Ghana @ 51 Celebration on Saturday night. After a long, nine hour flight aboard the airplane, Reggie Rockstone and VIP were happy to finally arrive in New York City. The Ghanaian musicians were greeted by their fans and curious onlookers at John F. Kennedy Airport. After signing a few autographs, they quickly set off for much needed rest and relaxation.

With all headlining artists present and accounted for; New Yorkers have already started celebrating and preparing for what promises to be a historic event in Hiplife music. A live press conference was held at the African Movie Mall on Webster Avenue in Bronx, NY at 3:00pm: featuring Reggie Rockstone, TIC TAC, VIP and Buk Bak. The artistes were available for pictures and questions.

To purchase tickets and information: contact *www.bdnvision.com* or call (646) 335-2978.

Source: bdnvision.org